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The Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine is the top magazine in the Gift and Accessory Industry. This magazine offers any crafty person the option to look at different products and ideas from a variety of vendors and companies.

Browse through any issue and you will discover many different accessories, greeting cards, collectibles, food items, and personal products. If you are interested in different craft shows, they give event dates, news on shows, and information highlights.

This magazine is a great option for those who enjoy crafting for a living and are looking for excellent products and ideas.

Top Contributors

Steve Doyal:

Steve Doyal is currently the senior vice president of public affairs and communications for Hallmark Cards Association. He attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. Some of Doyal’s specialities include integrated marketing, marketing communications, corporate communications, copywriting, and message development. In the past, Steve has worked as a marketing services director, media relations director, and is currently on the Executive Committee for the Greeting Card Association. Steve Doyal wrote a guest post for Gifts and Decorative Accessories entitled “Bricks, Clicks, and Cards”.

Diane Falvey:

Diane Falvey is currently the editor-in-chief for Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine. Falvey specializes in copy editing, journalism, digital media, and custom publishing. Diane Falvey wrote an article for Gifts and Decorative Accessories titled “Want To Learn More About Our Gifted Women?”

Carol Schroeder:

Carol Schroeder is currently the contributing editor for Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine and is also the author of speciality shop retailing for John Wiley & Sons. She graduated from Tufts University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Some of Schroeder’s specialities include social media marketing, email marketing, public relations, graphic design, and social networking. In the past, Carol has worked as a store manager, retail advisor, and has been featured as a guest speaker at different seminars. Carol Schroeder wrote an article for Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine entitled “Promoting Pins and Posts”.

Pamela Brill:

Pamela Brill is currently the editor-at-large for Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine and is a freelance writer for Halcyon Media. She graduated from College of the Holy Cross and State University of New York at Albany. Brill specializes in content development, social networking, online publishing, news writing, and proofreading. In the past, Pamela has worked as an editor in chief, a freelance writer, a contributor, and as a blogger. Pamela Brill wrote a blog post for Gifts and Decorative Accessories Blog titled “Brain Food!”.

Caroline Kennedy:

Caroline Kennedy is currently retired and free from her past duties of being editor in chief of Gifts and Decorative Accessories Magazine. She graduated from Skidmore College. Some of Kennedy’s specialities include copywriting, blogging, trade shows, brand development, social marketing, and email marketing. In the past, Caroline has worked as a managing editor and as an executive editor. Caroline Kennedy keeps up with her blog, writing a recent article entitled “One Day Sale Redefined?”.

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