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The Global Business and Organizational Excellence Magazine focuses heavily on international business environments and all types of systems such as banking and accounting.

Not only is there an excessive amount of insight contained in this magazine, but every single topic is covered in the separate world of business and international affairs.

Many would say that the price is worth the content. This magazine looks great on a business desk and will keep customers and co-workers striving to want to do better. Any type of advice you could be possibly looking for is included in this magazine!

Jammed packed with information, there are many complex features of the international business world, and global matters. There are more things involved than any one person can know. Through this magazine, you will get the advise of people from all over the world, and how to deal with international business affairs.

In 6 issues you can read research and case studies about issues in organizations and companies around the world. This journal is published in a joint effort with the KEDGE Business School.

Learn about and see many different perspectives of the strategies, tips and skills that those in global organizations feel is necessary.

The Global Business and Organizational Excellence Magazine provides readers and subscribers with one of a kind understanding of how these big organizations and businesses are staying on top of their business.

Owned by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., this magazine is a go to resource for many in the business industry.

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Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco:

Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco is currently the editor in chief for the Global Business and Organizational Excellence Magazine. She also serves as a writer and editor for her own website, In the past she has worked as a local editor for Zagat Survey, a freelance columnist and featured writer for the Star-Ledger, a lifestyle editor for BusinessWeek Careers, a senior editor for Attenzione Magazine and an editor for Prentice-Hall Information Services Division. She attended New York University and studied journalism. While she worked as an editor she earned her master’s degree in Italian literature from Rutgers University. Many of her articles she wrote as a freelance writer, were published in The New York Times and other publications. She has won many awards and recognitions for her work. She is a food journalist that is well known in the Italian food category. She has written articles and stories on everything from food, social issues, sports, media, and celebrities.


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