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Global Traveler Magazine is written for all of you who love to travel whether it is for business, personal, or luxury reasons. It includes all of the need to know information about the best kind of traveling and the best places to go.

It will ensure you a great luxury experience and give you ways to get better reservations for a cheaper price. Readers¬†often look¬†for luxury hotels and need to see places to go along the way. In that area you don’t have to worry because the magazine will provide you with the finest five star hotels and the best looking resorts.

Each issue features different unique places to visit while traveling for either business or for fun. Family destinations and ancient towns are mentioned and enlightened. Even the best airlines are provided with contact information.

All you need to know about foreign and international traveling are included in the magazine. Expert business travelers give their insight to the best airlines, gadgets, packing, and eating places around the world.

Global Traveler Magazine offers a variety of places to visit and a variety of different options for each place. The magazine makes traveling more efficient and the easy to read articles are hard to put down. Amazing photography and astounding pictures are on every page of every issue! Don’t wait, buy the monthly magazine now to get the greatest traveling experience yet.

Top Contributors

Monique Barrett:

Monique Barrett is a senior editor for the magazine. She has a degree in English from Temple University, and along with editing for Global Traveler, she writes content for Trazee Travel. Her love for traveling allows her expertise on the industry to thrive through her editing. She spends her free time traveling the globe and taking her own advise from the magazine.

Tracey Cullen:

Tracey Cullen is the art director of the magazine and has been in that position since 2007. Prior to the position, she was a graphic designer and worked for York Daily Record. She enjoys showing people the best locations to go and the images she puts in the magazines. She was part of a design of the magazine and she was a contributor to the success rate that it gave.

Richard Evans:

Richard Evans is the senior vice president for Global Traveler. He has had over 30 years of experience in the newspaper and magazine industry. He has worked closely with international executives and has experience in foreign affairs.

Olivia Falcione:

Olivia Falcione is the advertising manager for Global Traveler. Her career was a roller coaster and eventually in 2014 she wound up back at Global Traveler. Her main focus on international traveling are South America and the Middle East.

Fran Galleger:

Fran Galleger is the publisher and founder of Global Traveler Magazine. Prior to launching this magazine, he founded Business Traveler magazine and ran it for 17 years. In his free time he is always looking for new ways to improve the magazine and the company as well as traveling around the world.

Janice Hecht:

Janice Hecht is the senior editor for Global Travel, and she has always had a passion for writing and reading content. She has a masters degree in writing/liberal studies. She started working at Global Traveler in 2008 and enjoys her job because she gets to learn new things about the world everyday. Her dream is to one day own a bookstore.

Kimberly Krol:

Kimberly Krol is editor in chief for Global Traveler. She has a passion for the industry of publishing and is responsible for all the FX Express publications. In 2005, she studied abroad and fell in love with traveling. Kimberly’s passion is intense for the job and inspiring to the other editors.

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