Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine



Tactical Life’s Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine is for police officers, law enforcement, gunman, or anyone interested in guns. Many statistics, evaluations, and advice can be found in this magazine. 

Accessories are photographed and presented as well as compared to other accessories on the market. The colorful yet intense colors in the magazine create the perfect attention grabber that help you to keep reading. If you are interested in learning all the ways to take good care of your guns and ensure protection of you, your family, and your gun, this magazine is the one for you.

For all of those gun nerds out there, all the information you could ever ask for can be found in these 6 issues a year. These magazines are packed with helpful information about guns and weapons that are currently used by law enforcement.

Articles about survival tips and life with a gun are included and can be found written by professionals. Many insightful opinions are given by experts about the weapons danger and how to use them correctly and safely. Safety always comes first, and this magazine is guaranteed to show you the most efficient ways to carry, clean, and store every weapon in a safe manner. 

Learn what every gun is used for and how law enforcement is trained to use them. This magazine has been trusted worldwide to give only true and accurate information concerning laws, and up to date info about the newest and improved weapons on the market for law enforcement.

There are real dangers of being a gun addict or a gun lover. Guns are dangerous, but not if you know the correct safety procedures before touching the beautiful yet destructive weapon.

Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement Magazine includes specials and interviews featuring the law enforcement officers who train and use the weapons everyday. New and improved models are presented and information about where to get even more information is given.

This publication is well known for all of their in depth reviews on firearms. Prior to writing the reviews that are found in the issues, professionals get to know these new weapons through hours and hours of time.

This magazine is one of the best resources out there to help those in all areas of law enforcement stay up to date with all of the most recents news and improvements in the industry.


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