Handmade Business Magazine


Handmade Business Magazine is a monthly magazine that offers a multitude of fun and creative ideas for any craft enthusiast.

This magazine varies with different article types, ranging from how-to ideas, craft management and craft business advice, current trends in the craft market, forums for sharing different thoughts and opinions, and news on what is happening in the craft industry.

It is a great starter pack for any new and upcoming craft artist. While many turn to Pinterest and other great idea websites, this magazine brings forth the same style and unique ideas, but in magazine form!

Top Contributors 

Carolyn Edlund:

Carolyn Edlund is a self employed jewelry artist, as well as the executive director at the Arts Business Institute and the founder of the Artsy Shark website. Edlund graduated from Towson University and Villa Julie College. In the past, Carolyn has worked as an arts blogger and an outside sales representative for Ultra Sales and Portal Publications. For the Handmade Business Magazine, Carolyn Edlund wrote an article entitled “6 Ways to Influence Customers and Grow Sales”.

Abby Hoeft:

Abby Hoeft is currently a librarian at the Scandinavia Public Library. Hoeft graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In the past, Hoeft has worked as the associate editor for Jones Publishing Inc. and as a contributing editor for the Impact Training Center. She specializes in publishing, journalism, and press releases. Abby Hoeft wrote an article for Homemade Business titled “Craft Business Dilemma: I Need My Website to Do More For Me!”.  

Janine Popick:

Janine Popick is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Dasheroo, but co-founded it as well. Popick graduated from Hofstra University. She specializes in product marketing, public relations, online advertising, and digital marketing. In the past, Janine has worked as a direct marketing manager for Claris Corporation and Insignia Solutions, VP email marketer, and was the CEO of Vertical Response. Janine Popick wrote an article for Handmade Business entitled “7 Ways to Grow Your Email List”.

Jacqueline Adamany:

Jacqueline “Jackie” Adamany is currently the marketing consultant at Wholesale Crafts & ACRE. Adamany graduated from Westwood College. Adamany specializes in press releases, brand development, social networking, and public relations. In the past, Jackie has worked as a graphic designer, paralegal, fashion examiner, and a freelance writer. Jacqueline Adamany wrote an article for Handmade Business titled “Turning Possibilities Into Gold”.

Amory Williams:

Amory Williams is a marketing manager at Wholesalecrafts.com. Williams wrote an article for Handmade Business Magazine entitled “Wholesalecrafts.com, Inc. Announces Acre Philadelphia as New Winter Wholesale Show”.  

Nancy LaFever:

Nancy LaFever is currently the editor at Get My Story Published. Lafever graduated from Ohio State University. Lafever specializes in freelance writing, web content, content development, and publications. In the past, Nancy has worked as a book editor, co-blogger, contributing writer, freelance copy editor, and as a psychotherapist and chemical dependency counselor. Lafever has also volunteered for the Suicide Prevention Hotline for the North Central Community Mental Health. For Handmade Business, Nancy Lafever wrote an article titled “Finding Creative Alternatives to Shows”.

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