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Hispanic Network Magazine is a magazine with the objective of creating a teamwork environment where Latin Americans have access to different career paths and business opportunities that are available to them.

Hispanic Network hopes to bring together a community of minorities that are excited about all the business opportunities that they can explore.

This magazine covers topics including statistics on diversity in the workplace, trends in business, available conferences, and stories on distinguished people and various role models. 

Top Contributors

Karin Sweet:

Karin Sweet is currently the web content manager at DiversityComm, Inc. Karin Sweet graduated from the University of Oregon. Sweet specializes in public relations, publishing, marketing, and community outreach. Karen is involved with the Black EOE journal, Hispanic Network Magazine, Professional Woman’s Magazine, U.S. Veteran’s Magazine, and Diversity in Steam Magazine. Karin Sweet has written numerous articles for Hispanic Network, including “Back to Work: Reachire Helps Women Transitioning Back to Workforce” and “How to Choose the Best Mortgage”.

Mona Lisa Faris-Placey:

Mona Lisa Faris-Placey is the president and founder of Professional Woman’s Magazine, Hispanic Network Magazine, Black EOE Journal, and U.S. Veteran’s Magazine. Faris-Placey graduated from California State University-Fullerton. She was honored as one of “America’s Top Diversity Champions 2013.” Mona Lisa Faris-Placey specializes in sales, mentoring, public speaking, diversity training, and online advertising.

Rita Kallas:

Rita Kallas is the Diversity Director of Partnerships at DiversityComm. She studied at UCLA and San Diego State University. In the past, Kallas has worked as an ESL instructor and an account executive. Her specialities include marketing, strategic planning, diversity planning, supplier diversity, and diversity recruitment.

Christina Richards:

Christina Richards is the social media manager at DiversityComm. Richards graduated from Orange Coast College, Hope International University, and California State University-Fullerton. In the past, she has worked as an assistant instructional technologist and as an executive assistant to the diversity director. Christina Richards specializes in merchandising, community outreach, and social media marketing.

Teeba Fatima:

Teeba Fatima is an executive assistant at DiversityComm. Fatima graduated from La Sierra University. In the past, she has worked as a communications intern and as a tutor. Teeba Fatima specializes in public speaking, fundraising, social media, publicity, and public relations. 

Erica Sabino:

Erica Sabino is currently an executive assistant at DiversityComm. Sabino studied at Ateneo de Manila University. Sabino knows and is rated with bilingual proficiency in Tagalog and Hiligaynon. Erica Sabino is interested in animal welfare, disaster and humanitarian relief, and poverty alleviation.

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