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Image Reports Magazine is a magazine that provides digital print sellers with a magazine filled with event details and new features and resources.

Every issue of the publication targets new business owners or companies that have been in a specialized industry for a long time. They target their readers with three key points: business, technology, and the environment.

The Image Reports website is also filled with many different resources, blogs, and forums that are available for you to use. Email newsletters are another way to stay in the loop of everything that the Image Reports Magazine does.

Top Contributors

Justin Gidley:

Justin Gidley is currently the publisher at SJP Business Media. He graduated from Truro School and Royal Holloway, University of London. Some of Gidley’s specialities include online advertising, account management, public relations, marketing, and journalism. In the past, Justyn has worked as a sales director and as a publisher for both Haymarket Publishing and Wanderlust.

Lesley Simpson:

Lesley Simpson is currently the editor at Image Reports Magazine. She graduated from St. Mary’s University, Twickenham. Simpson specializes in direct marketing, print management, advertising, public relations, press releases, email marketing, and corporate communications. In the past, Lesley has worked as a production assistant and PR account director.

James Magnani:

James Magnani is currently the sales manager at SJP Business Media. He graduated from De MontFort University with a degree in sports science. Some of Magnani’s specialities include team management, account management, customer relations, business strategy, and sales management. In the past, James has worked as an account manager, sales manager, and as an account executive.

James Pearson:

James Pearson is currently the digital manager at SJP Business Media. He graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University. Pearson specializes in online advertising, digital marketing, marketing strategy, and copywriting. Pearson works with groups such as Internet Retailing, Electronics World, and Electrical Review.

Carl Archer:

Carl Archer is currently the advertising manager for SJP Business Media. He works with groups such as Cross Media Live and Eyeon Display. Some of Archer’s specialities include online marketing, email marketing, account management, advertising, and publishing. In the past, Carl has worked in field sales, as a sales marketer, and as a sales manager.

Christine Felton:

Christine Felton is currently the sales manager at SJP Business Media. She works with groups such as The Commissioning Review and Linked Affiliate. Some of Felton’s specialties include strategic planning, direct marketing, account management, digital marketing, and sales operations. In the past, Christine has worked as a business development manager and as a worker for sales support.

James Corner:

James Corner is currently the account manager at SJP Business Media. He graduated from the University of Gloucestershire. Corner specializes in market research, social media marketing, marketing communications, social networking, and account management. In the past, James has worked as a media sales executive and as an account executive.

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