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Import Car Magazine is a trusted source of advise and knowledge about imported cars and the technicality of them. Information about the cars and how to work on them and with them are given in every issue.

Every problem you can think about offers a solution and shows you exactly how to fix it, where the issue is, and how much it will cost to finish it. Everything under the hood as well as under the car itself is analyzed and explained.

The magazine is written for a variety of people. It is mainly directed at mechanical salesmen, service managers, service supervisors, owners, technicians, and general managers for anything relating to the car industry. The majority of information presented is for import cars, instead of domestic models. No matter what is wrong with your car or a car in the shop, the information can be found either in the magazine or on the magazines website.

The subscribers have noted that their cars last longer and run for a more efficient time after using these special techniques and tips found in the publication to repair their inconvenience. This magazine is a hit for the mechanics and technicians relating to cars. It helps the mechanics do their job to the absolute best of their ability plus the intellect that the professionals from the magazine have to say too.

The issues have proven to be very useful for car companies and body shops. For over 35 years, the magazine has assisted those who seek the extra help, and has not left them clueless. The easy to read format makes the magazine hard to put down for all of you car lovers out there.

Example Issue-January

In the January Issue you can find a wide variety of topics and articles including:

  • Technical tips-Honda, Isuzu, Land Rover, Volvo models, Mercedes-Benz
  • How to replace driveshaft u-joints
  • Many Diagnosis Solutions
  • Load testing
  • Conductance testing
  • Batteries
  • Wheel baring damage
  • Compressor dryer services
  • Electrically operated water pumps for BMW
  • Break pad transfer
  • Suspension checks
  • Steering collaboration

Top Contributors

Jim Merle:

Jim Merle is currently the publisher for Import Car Magazine and works for Babcox Media Inc. He earned his education from the University of Akron. Before becoming a publisher, he was a advertising representative and a regional sales manager. Some of his top skills include marketing strategy, sales management, advertising, and B2B. He has been the publisher for Babcox Media for over 3 years.

Mary DellaValle:

Mary DellaValle is an editor for Import Car Magazine. She has previously earned an award called the “Barry Breslow AIA Person of the Year Award”, in 2009. She was a member of the Auto International Association Board of Directors. Mary is an expert in automotive mechanics and information.

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