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The Inside Microsoft Office publication provides monthly issues that contain the inside scoop regarding how-to’s and helpful tips on becoming a professional at using the software. It is written for business owners and any person who uses Microsoft office.

Each issue is filled with expert informative articles on how to better your understanding of the software. Microsoft office is widely used around the world. It is always used by businesses, professionals in every industry, students and more.

Being proficient in Microsoft is something that everyone should invest their time and learning skills into. The subscription to receive the issues will benefit you in many ways.

There are articles and sections that will show you ways to solve business and software problems using more than application at a time. Guidelines on how to use and customize Microsoft excel according to your needs are included in an easy to read format. All the steps are written very clearly for the readers to be able to try out on their own without a problem.

Instead of paying for advertisement and paying someone to make a flyer for your business, why don’t you learn to make them on Microsoft word? Save money and customize it to your desire.

Microsoft office applications can do much more than you would ever imagine, it’s up to you whether or not you want to educate yourself and try it out.

Need to keep an audience during a presentation? Learn all the ways to make special features in a powerpoint presentation and learn all the ways to keep an audience waiting for the next slide. You will learn how to efficiently utilize the software if you subscribe to Inside Microsoft Office.

There are secret weapons and features included that you will not be able to find on the web or in any other software magazine.

Outlook? Learn how to use the application to benefit you. You can set reminders and much more all through these simple and detailed guidelines. Learn how to use…

  • Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Access

Transferrable skills are needed to be improved everywhere. Take this unique computer skill with you as you further your career and move further up in the world.

Solutions to many technical problems are given throughout the publication. Many times, employees are stuck not knowing what to do or how to fix something on the computer. Make that problem a solution by applying your Microsoft office skills, combining applications to make the information and documents easy to find, follow, and make.

Quick tips and hints are delivered with every issue, developing knowledge, thus empowering your employment. In every issue of Inside Microsoft Office, the editor responds to any questions that the reader has about the magazine and gives their professional opinion on the situation and the application.


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