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The Interior Design Magazine Focuses mostly on interior design and is to be read by anyone interested in gaining knowledge, creativity, and ideas in the design industry. The magazine shows documented designs in homes, offices, bedrooms, businesses, retail stores, and more.

Each issue offers how to’s and helpful tips on how to decorate the insides of a building, and keeps you updated on the fashionable trends as well as starting new crazy ideas. It’s amazing what can go into a building to make it look like a professionally decorated place. People are not featured in this magazine because the main focus is on the artwork of decor. Different styles and lifestyles are featured to help you create images and designs fit to your liking. Anything from the 50’s furniture to the future ideas of the next generation.

Editors choices are featured and presented as a professional choice of furniture. The editors choice can range from chandeliers, to beds, bars, and baths, to picture frames or flowers.

Various color schemes are tested and presented to your pleasing. See what’s trending and get the best deals on the newest products on the market. Interior Design Magazine offers the best places to buy home decorations and offers coupons, deals, and professional advice.

See how some of the most powerful people in the world decorate their interiors. For example, you will see what the Trump building looks like or what J-Lo’s bedroom looks like to give you inspiration to recreate or use some components of the room design.

When you subscribe, you will receive a printed copy as well as digital access to every issue that has been published. Don’t miss out on these amazing and fulfilling deals offering amazing advice and options to decorate with passion.

Top Contributors

Helene Oberman:

Helene Oberman is the Managing Editor for Interior Design Magazine and lives in the Greater New York City Area. Her education is from Bryn Mawr College and she is a professional publisher. Her top skills include interior design, creativity, and art, making her the perfect managing editor for this magazine.

Annie Block:

Annie Block is the Deputy Editor for Interior Design Magazine. Her instagram profile shows her love for photography and interior as well as exterior design. Her colorful palette creates a love for her job and her passion inspires co-workers.

Meghan Edwards:

Meghan Edwards is Interior Design Magazine’s Site Editor. Her specialties, coming from Brown University, are writing, editing, social media, and managing freelancers. Her past experience before Interior Design Magazine included being an associate editor and an intern editor at Metropolis Magazine.

Edie Cohen:

Edie Cohen is a Deputy Editor for Interior Design Magazine. She has a vast amount of skills, including publishing, blogging, creative direction, advertising, interior design, and journalism. She is also knowledgeable in photography, content strategy, press release, and copywriting.

Elena Kornbluth:

Elena Kornbluth is the executive editor at Interior Design Magazine. She attended University of Virginia and graduated in 1992.  She is fluent in English and French. In Charlotte VA, she learned skills focusing on magazines, publishing, and editing.

Athena Waligore:

Athena Waligore is a research editor at Interior Design Magazine and dedicates her knowledge to her job. Previously, she has edited and researched  for CUNY research foundation and BDO consulting. She coordinates information for articles and checks the facts in the content. Her work at Interior Design Magazine is greatly respected.

Tina Brennan:

Tina Brennan is the Executive Director of Marketing. She oversees and runs the marketing in the business for print and books. Social media marketing, strategy, integrated marketing, and creative direction are only some of her top skills. She has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from Syracuse University, and attended business school from 1998-2000. She provides valuable insight to her co-workers and does whatever it takes to meet a deadline.

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