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Internationalist Magazine is a publication that is written for those who are dedicated to the business world on a global scale. Along the means of global advertising and marketing, this magazine is the best choice for expert support and fundamentals.

Find the easiest ways to access and connect with international individuals and powerful figures. Marketing professionals are interviewed and included in the in depth articles published in the magazine.

Those of you who are shaping your businesses and global services into successful companies can gain insight from the contributors of this magazine. The authors are actively proposing new plans and innovations to further their business on a global scale.

The content is easy to read and distributed in an informative manor. It connects people with the other side of the world and presents easy to follow steps in doing so. It is an extremely trusted source and has had very positive reviews.

Some of the best practices in multinational branding techniques and campaign building techniques. To serve the community of global business leaders and rising business leaders in action, this magazine presents crucial “can’t miss” steps.

The Internationalist publication helps to create a network of professionals that help present suggestions, advice and information about advertising around the globe, marketing and creating collaborations.

Internationalist is available online and in person, and a subscription to both is perfect for those of you who are constantly traveling. This publication is named one of the best credible sources to help those in the marketing field.

Top Contributors

Deborah Malone:

Deborah Malone is the founder of The Internationalist publication. In the marketing world she can be considered to some as a leader. In addition to that she has had experience as the global CEO of AA International Advertising Association, the VP of International Advertising and Marketing for CNBC, the founder of Ad Age International, and as an international managing director for Advertising Age, Crain Communications.

Sebastian Vedsted Jespersen:

Sebastian Jespersen is currently the CEO and founder of Vertic, a large global digital advertising agency. They work to create concepts and ideas to help produce and build leads. Vertic works with mobile devices, the Internet, film and many other types of media in today’s society. Prior to any work with Vertic, he was a strategic consultant for CSC and a management consultant for E&Y. In 2012, he was named as an Agency Innovater 2012 by the Internationalist. He attended the Copenhagen Business School to earn a Master’s degree of Science in Marketing.



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