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Internet Retailer Magazine is a magazine company based in Chicago that provides insight concerning the e-commerce market.

This magazine contains many different topics including trends in the market, opinions from other suppliers and customers in the e-commerce industry, and the latest and newest technology today.

Not only is this magazine filled with helpful information, but their website has many different resources, such as options for marketing, “e-retailers”, data, and their omnichannel for you to utilize as well.

This marketing magazine has served over 44,000 since they kicked off in 1999, and will continue to do so over the years. 

Top Contributors 

Zak Stambor:

Zak Stambor is currently a managing editor for Internet Retailer Magazine. In the past, Stambor has worked both writing and editing positions. Some of Stambor’s specialities include content development, journalism, web content, content strategy, and publishing. He has written numerous articles for Internet Retailer, including “Why Retailers Can’t Resist Social Media”, “Twitter Makes a Customer Service Push”, and “Tapping Into Convenience”. 

Maureen Wilkey:

Maureen Wilkey is currently the marketing assistant at Segal McCambridge Singer & Mahoney. She studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Wilkey specializes in marketing communications, internal communications, social media, web content, publications, and strategic communications. In the past, she has worked as a featured editor, research assistant, stringer, teaching assistant, freelance writer, and a real estate blogger. Maureen Wilkey recently wrote an article titled “Ease and Speed”.

Tracy Maple:

Tracy Maple is currently a managing editor and digital content specialist at Internet Retailer Magazine. She graduated from Purdue University. Some of Maple’s specialities include breaking news, copy editing, headline writing, publishing, and blogging. She has worked as a reporter, editor, shared news editor, and as a Sunday editor in the past. Tracy Maple wrote an article for Internet Retailer entitled “Express from China”.

Bill Siwicki:

Bill Siwicki is currently the managing editor at HIMSS Media. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History. Siwicki’s specializes in email marketing, online advertising, digital strategy, e-commerce, public relations, and social media. In the past, Bill has worked as a managing editor, an associate editor, editorial director, and an adjunct faculty and mobile marketing advisor. Bill Siwicki wrote an article for Internet Retailer titled “App Map”.

Abby Callard:

Abby Callard is currently the writer and content coordinator for the Healthy Schools Campaign. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Some of Callard’s specialities include journalism, email marketing, feature articles, blogging, and copy editing. In the past, she has volunteered as head of content for Windy City Rollers and led writing workshops at a high school in Washington D.C. Abby Callard wrote an article for Internet Retailer Magazine entitled “The Right Price, Not the Lowest Price”.

Amy Dusto:

Amy Dusto is currently a resident science teacher at the Academy for Urban School Leadership and is also self employed as a freelance writer. She graduated from the National Luis University and the John Hopkins University. Dusto specializes in secondary education, project based learning, web content, blogging, and editing. In the past, Amy worked as a communication intern, blogger, and as an associate editor. Amy Dusto wrote an article for Internet Retailer titled “Season’s Greetings”.

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