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The Internet Retailing Magazine is a magazine that analyzes the growth, fads, problems and possibilities of omni-channel retail. The magazine looks at these issues through a strong business perspective which typically appeals to more of a business crowd, but is not limited to just those individuals.

Individuals who specialize in retail, technology and customer relations compose the Internet Retailing Magazine for consumers on a bi-monthly basis.  

Internet Retailing, combines retail business with the new technology of today. The Internet Retailing Magazine looks at many topics such as marketing, performance, and everything pertaining to retail with a technical spin to it.

The mobile phone is a rising concept, and with that comes an increase in online and mobile revenue. Mobile revenue brings about another idea that retailers must become more aware of in order to be more successful. With all of the mobile apps and wallets out there that consumers are using, retailers must expand their knowledge. Internet Retailing Magazine is the perfect way to help retailers learn all of this essential knowledge.

To learn more about internet retailing you are not just limited to a print magazine. Additional resources, such as an online newsletter and a yearly conference are offered by Internet Retailing.  

Top Contributors

Ian Jindal:

Ian Jindal is currently the founder and editor in chief of the Internet Retailing magazine. He has held this position for close to 10 years and has been the director of Pencil Limited for 19 years. Before holding positions at Internet Retailing, Jindal was a board member of Bazaarvoice, a non-executive director at Business Link for London, a chief executive for ICP Europe Publishing PLC, along with many more positions at different companies. He has won a handful of awards with Internet Retailing and has produced a number of publications.

Emma Herrod:

Emma Herrod currently holds the position of editor and conference director at Internet Retailing since the beginning when the magazine launched in 2006. She has won numerous awards as a journalist and is primarily in charge of the print magazine.

Chloe Rigby:

Chloe Rigby is the web editor and joint supplement editor at Internet Retailing. She has experience in business journalism which helps her bring the business side of things to the internet retailing industry.

Paul Skeldon:

Paul Skeldon is the editor for M-Retailing, the newest title from Internet Retailing. He focuses on the mobile side of things when it comes to internet retail. Skeldon also serves as an editor for the Telemedia magazine.

Isabelle Sallard:

Isabelle Sallard is an editor for Internet Retailing working in France. She works to bring the great sources of Internet Retailing to those in French speaking regions.

Jonathan Wright:

Jonathan Wright, a known journalist in the business industry is in charge of the supplements program growth for Internet Retailing.

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