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Jewellery Focus Magazine is a publication that targets all retailers, department stores, and shops dedicated to the jewelry trade business. This magazine’s originates out of the UK, and informs the country of the latest trends and fashions regarding accessories.

The magazine is delivered monthly and is guaranteed to bring exciting new styles of jewelry to the table.  With the newest news in the market, the magazine keeps companies and jewelry lovers informed of any features or new products offered.

The issues contain advice and guidance ranging anywhere from fashion advice, store design, to training your sales representatives. Essential news is delivered to you in the issues received, and it’s news that you don’t want to miss.

Jewellery Focus Magazine is one of the best selling trade magazines offered in the UK and is extremely popular among many retailers. For a full year subscription, a total of 12 issues of Jewellery Focus Magazines are delivered to your front door. The terms for the 6 month subscription is that only 6 magazines are issued throughout the whole membership.

Get a subscription so you don’t miss out on educating yourself further in the trade business and furthering your company in the retail world.

Top Contributors

Michael Northcott:

is the editor at Mulberry Productions, and works directly with Jewellery Focus. He was educated at University of London, Royal Holloway. His current position is with Mulberry Productions, and his previous work has been with Emap, Legalease, and Haymarket Media Group. With over 500 connections, his work is greatly respected at Mulberry Productions.

Emily Clarke:

is the production assistant at Mulberry Productions for Jewellery Focus Magazine. Currently she is studying at Teesside University as well as assisting with production. She resides in the United Kingdom.

Precious Morgan:

is the senior account manager at Mulberry Productions. She was educated at University of Central Lancashire. Her interests include traveling, swimming, reading, and drawing. She cares much about moral interactions and human rights, as well as her managing position.

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