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Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine is a monthly publication that helps readers better manage their money, plan for retirement, invest, and educate themselves with knowledge so that they¬†can have a bright financial future. Since 1947, the Kiplinger Personal Finance Magazine has been offering expert advice on every financial topic you could think of.

For those who consider themselves serious about investing, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine is the magazine for you! About 1.5 million people are currently reaping the benefits that Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine has to offer. They are taking the steps to bettering their financial futures by reading all of the great advice and articles regarding financial management found inside the magazine.

Within Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, you can find articles discussing the best places to invest your money, the best reward cards you can get, and so much more! In 2016, you can look forward to editorials such as “How to Make a Million”, “Stocks to Buy Now”, and “How to Be a Better Investor”.

You can advertise your business or product to over 1.5 million people who read Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, with Kiplinger advertising opportunities. Many subscribers rave over how Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine has helped them save and earn thousands of dollars over the years, just by offering tips and tricks on managing credit cards, taxes, savings, etc.

You are not limited to just Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine when it comes to learning about managing finances. Kiplinger’s also offers special issues that thoroughly cover single topics, DVD guides on certain financial topics and a wide variety of different books such as Buying and Selling a Home, Money Smart Women, and Practical Guide to Your Money.

Top Contributors

Anne Kates Smith:

Anne Kates Smith is currently working as the senior editor of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. She has held this position since 2001 and is charge of the “Ahead” section and the “Your Mind & Your Money” column. Before working with Kiplinger’s, she started her career as a writer and columnist at USA Today. She also was titled senior editor at U.S. News and World Report. She attended St. John’s College to earn a bachelors degree in liberal arts.

Barbara Hoch Marcus:

For over 20 years, Barbara Hoch Marcus has been with Kiplinger and has held the position of managing editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine for 11 years. Before working at Kiplinger’s, she was a research editor for Chicago Magazine.

Carolyn Bigda:

Carolyn Bigda now serves as a contributing writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and has been working there for over 9 years. She previously worked as a writer for Money magazine and a reporter for the Chicago Tribune. She attended Northwestern University to earn a bachelor’s in political science and then attended New York University to earn a master’s in journalism.

Daren Fonda:

Daren Fonda is an associate editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine and is responsible for writing and editing investing articles for the printed publication and the website. Prior to starting his career at Kiplinger’s he worked as a strategic advisor for AssestGrade, LLC and a senior writer for both Fidelity Investments and Janus Capital Group. He also served as a staff writer for SmartMoney Magazine and Time Magazine. He went to the University of Rochester to receive a bachelors in English and film studies and later went on to complete a masters in English and American Literature at New York University.

Dandan Zou:

In 2015 Dandan Zou began working for Kiplinger and serves as a reporter for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. Before working for Kiplinger, she worked as an intern for CCTV-America, The New York Times, the China Economic Times and Walt Disney World. She went to Sichuan University to earn a bachelors in public administration and later the University of Missouri-Columbia to earn a masters in journalism.

Elizabeth Wine:

Elizabeth Wine works as a contributing writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. She is a freelance writer who covers investing and financial topics at both a personal and business level. Her work has also been featured in publications including: Smart Money, Newsday, Financial Planning, AARP The Magazine, etc. Previously she has worked for the Financial TImes as a reporter and editor. She holds a masters degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

Marc A. Wojno:

Marc A. Wojno currently works as the senior associate editor for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. He is the director of research for assignments like Kiplinger’s college rankings and similar projects. Also serving as chief of reporters for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, he oversees a group of reporters who write the articles and check the facts. Prior to joining the Kiplinger staff, he worked as a reporter and an editor for Dow Jones. He holds a bachelors degree in communications and a MBA from The George Washington University.

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