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Medical Marketing and Media Magazine is written for healthcare manufacturers, marketing agency and media companies, and other types of support companies. This magazine features expert articles about clinical trials, content marketing, rare cases, medicine, market research and much more.

Included, are opinionated pieces of written work from healthcare and business professionals. Everyday life is portrayed in interview articles from the ones who work in the industry everyday.

Insightful tips are given from marketing professionals in the magazine, and offer help with communication.

Every issues comes with new and forward ways to advance in the medical marketing and media field. Combine the thoughts of the successful experts to create a viable plan for your future.

MM&M features consumer behavior and the interactions between patients and healthcare professionals. The statistics and observations are analyzed and pulled together to better each issue.

The healthcare marketing field is crucial in today’s industry, and can be made much easier following the guidelines and lessons in the magazine. New news and laws that arrive into the field are always included in the issues ahead of time and given warning to those who read it.

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Top Contributors

Marc Iskowitz:

Marc Iskowitz is the editor in chief for Medical Marketing and Media Magazine. He has had many jobs and experience as an editor, writer, freelancer, and reporter. He has been at MM&M for over a year and a half, and he oversees the editorial development for the company. He has special skills in many things including press release, healthcare, blogging, and newsletters.

Jaimy Lee:

Jaimy Lee is a news editor for Medical Marketing and Media Magazine. Their education comes from Point Loma Nazarene University. He has also worked for PRWeek, and Modern Healthcare. His major skills are web content, editing, journalism, and newsletters.

Larry Dobrow:

Larry Dobrow is the senior editor at Medical Marketing and Media Magazine. He discusses sales and innovation with various people in order to better the company and the magazine. He is a believer of potential, and his optimism has greater valued his job as a senior editor.

Doreen Gates:

Doreen Gates is the vice president of sales for Medical Marketing and Media Magazine. Her education comes from Penn State University and has previously worked at Merion Publications and Haymarket. Her skills range uniquely from thought leadership to live events to the sales process, including many more. She has interests in triathlons and running as well as sales.

Tamika L. Hart:

Tamika L. Hart is an account manager for MM&M. She is passionate about human rights and animal welfare as well as education and politics. She has had s successful career at MM&M.

Andrew Lathrop:

Andrew Lathrop is the art director. He has won awards for his communication and designs. He creates expert strategies and creative ways to engage with the crowd and connect artistic ideas with the media. He is a professional in magazine redesigns which allows his work at MM&M viable.

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