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MIT Technology Review is a Bi-Monthly magazine published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This publication was founded in 1899 and for over 116 years the magazine has been printed. The current issues are formed to resemble the original, historical magazine so it reaches everyone but particularly those who loved the old format.

The print magazine focuses on presenting investigative stories and colorful imagery while identifying and analyzing emerging technologies.

The website is updated daily with articles about technology and scientific investigation. On the daily, the publication provides intelligent and a trustworthy filter for the overwhelming amount of information and resources about technology that you can find.

Serious journalism, simple language and a knowledgeable editorial staff make up this information filled magazine.  MIT Technology Review provides articles for the “tech nerd” in all of us through beautifully designed platforms and publications online, in print and in person at live events all around the world.

MIT Technology Review Magazine aims to provide information to educate readers and those in today’s society about the world that is connected to technology.

Alongside many other business professionals and technology enthusiasts, with a subscription to MIT Technology Review, you can expand your knowledge even more when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of today’s devices and technology.

Top Contributors

Jason Pontin:

Jason Pontin currently works as the editor-in-chief and publisher for the MIT Technology Review Magazine. Jason Pontin is responsible for leading the editorial, platform development and the general business strategy for both the online and print publication and the events. Prior to his work with MIT Technology Review, he worked an editor position at the Red Herring Magazine. He continued his education at Oxford University.

Antonio Regalado

Antonio Regalado is the business senior editor for MIT Technology Review. Antonio Regalado’s job includes searching for stories to explain and figure how technology is changing business in the medical and biomedical research industry.  His past experience includes writing stories, articles and news reports in Brazil for Science and many other publications. He also worked for the Wall Street Journal as a science reporter and foreign correspondent.

Mike Orcutt

Mike Orcutt is the research editor for MIT Technology Review.

Rachel Metz

Rachel Metz is the IT Editor for the Web and Social Media for MIT Technology Review. Rachel Metz covers topics such as startups and reviewing gadgets. With the Associated Press she earned experience by working as a technology reporter for over 5 years and then for the New York Times writing pieces that covered topics within technology and crime categories.

Will Knight

Will Knight is the online editor for MIT Technology Review. He writes about robotics, machine intelligence, and automation. Before joining the publication, Knight was the online editor at New Scientist magazine.

Brian Bergstein

Brian Bergstein is the deputy editor for MIT Technology Review. Brian Bergstein has been a technology journalist for 12 years, reporting on the Web computing, telecom and the business of technology. Before working for the MIT Technology Review publication, he worked for the Associated Press as the technology and media editor.

Katherine Bourzac

Katherine Bourzac is a freelance journalist, who regularly contributes to MIT Technology Review Magazine. Before going freelance, she was the science editor for MIT Technology Review.

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