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This magazine brings the readers’ attention to the issues and challenges that America’s civilizations and cities face everyday. Scholarly articles are written by the philosophers and professionals that are always thinking of ways that the world could change.

The ones trapped within their own thoughts of the world write reviews and facts pertaining to the cities and communities. One of the most important things about a country flourishing is having good economic and political growth.

Everything about how to make a positive atmosphere for the kids, civilians, politicians, and many more is offered and tested, which is then reviewed in the content within this quarterly magazine.

People like citizens, officials, government, business leaders, and powerful figures are constantly working to make the community a safer place to reside and make a future in. Innovation is key to a thriving neighborhood of amazing ways.

Bring the community back to life and find new ways to make your grow. Leadership skills are not always set in stone, and can be portrayed a number of different ways, including effectively trying to make the community around you a better place. Find out how these scholars are bringing political and economic health back into the community as well as school safety and social services.

Below, you will find a list of a few of the articles that have been published in the magazine.
  • “Collaborating for Education”
  • “Rolling on the River: A Georgia CEO’s Role in Making the Chattahoochee River Restoration Project a Success”
  • “After the Flood: Citizen Action Following Natural Disaster”
  • “Exploding the Dropout Factory in Richmond, Indiana”
  • “Putting the Public Back into Public Education: An Old-Fashioned Remedy for a Troubled Relationship”
  • “Giving 110% to get to 100% of Kids”
  • “Recognizing Healthy Communities: 2014 All American City Awards”
  • “Montgomery’s Anti-obesity Initiatives”
  • “Community as an Educational Institution”

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Mike McGrath:

Mike McGrath currently serves as the editor of the National Civic Review. He is also the senior editor and CIO of the National Civic League. He is in charge of leading both the printed and online publication programs for the company.


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