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National Mortgage News is a weekly newspaper that covers all topics within the mortgage industry. This includes mortgage bankers, commercial bankers, savings institutions, brokerage firms, insurance companies, government enterprises, and much more.

SourceMedia, the publisher for National Mortgage News, is a diversified business-to-business digital media company that serves professionals in the financial field, technology field and healthcare sector.

More information on their publications can be found at Other publications from SourceMedia include Mortgage Technology, Mortgage Servicing News, and Origination News.

This award-winning publication brings you news, analysis, trends and events every week. Financial service insight and market information is what potential readers can expect from National Mortgage News.

Not only can you receive just the printed magazine, but you can also utilize the online site to get the latest and greatest news in the mortgage industry.

Top Contributors

Tim Murphy:

Murphy is the publisher of National Mortgage News.  

Austin Kilgore:

Kilgore is the Editor-in-Chief at not only the National Mortgage News Magazine, but also other publications from SourceMedia such as: Origination News and Mortgage Technology. He is responsible for writing articles for both the printed magazine and the website. He also looks over and revises the work of the other contributing writers and journalists. In addition, he also contributes to American Banker. Prior to his position he currently holds, he also served as a managing editor for

Bonnie Sinnock:

Sinnock is the Managing Editor for National Mortgage News. Since 1995 Sinnock has worked as a contributing writer for the publication. Associated with the other prints and resources from SourceMedia, she has also worked as a reporter and editor.

Brian Collins:

Collins is a senior editor for National Mortgage News.

Bradley Finkelstein:

Finkelstein is an associate editor for National Mortgage News and Origination News. He covers every topic and issue that is relevant to consumer marketing, mortgages and appraisals. Since early of 1990 Finkelstein has been hard at work for the National Mortgage News Magazine. Prior to working with NMN he served as the associate editor for the Airport Press, a reporter for This Week Publications on Long Island and a president of the New York Financial Writers Association.

Mark Fogarty:

Mark Fogarty is the editorial director for National Mortgage News.

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