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New African Women Magazine is a magazine that praises the beauty and strength of African Women. It provides very detailed articles about health and beauty, fashion, lifestyle, fitness, news, travel, arts, and inside articles.

With a variety of different topics, the publication can be for any woman of any sorts. The magazine shows very unique fashions that give a spunky twist to the culture. Meaning is given to life in the powerful and poetic words provided.

New African Women Magazine is the only magazine that covers the entire African community. It gives inspiration to the world about the beautiful life of a beautiful African American Woman. Not only does it include the strength of the women, but it offers help and tips to topics like parenting and politics.

Women’s rights issues are brought to attention and broken down into ways that can be understood worldwide. The colorful scheme of the magazine keeps the readers attention and the unique images give power to the content.

This magazine is the only African magazine that is available to 54 different countries, making it a worldwide hit with the women. It explains topics like why natural hair is going back in style or why certain eye shadows are more inspiring than others.

Some of Africa’s most influential woman speak out against the hardships they have gone through and give powerful insight and advice to those going through the same thing. Features are written about rising against rape and rising against the sexist countries in the world. As one of the most diverse magazines, the meaningful content delivered in the issues is one you won’t want to miss.

Top Contributors

Regina Jane Jere-Malanda:

Regina Jane Jere-Malanda is the editor for for the New African Women Magazine. She was born in Zambia and has become a journalist. She writes for a wide range of publications and resources that go great along with the NAW magazine, covering topics from head to toe for women. She loves to empower women and speaks to enlighten the new generation of powerful young individuals. Her passions for what she does is an inspiration to the editors of NAW, and her work is published in many books, websites, and magazines.

Zukiswa Wanner:

Zukiswa Wanner is from South Africa and resides as a publisher and a journalist. Her work is inspirational and her contributions to New African Women magazine have done amazing. She digs deep into topics involving relationships and she has evolved herself to be a new and powerful voice in the writing business.

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