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Nonprofit World Magazine is an easy read for the professionals and the executives in nonprofit organizations. This magazine is a great resource for tips, education, and help on how to manage nonprofit operations. The publication includes strategies to help with marketing, charities, associations, voluntary cooperatives, business, communications, fundraising, and much more.

Day-to-day operations are covered and the value of the magazine content is incredibly useful to those reading it. This easy read is efficient and comprehensive to those seeking the extra knowledge in case studies, and experience.

The hardest topics and the most pressing challenges are broken down into articles that are easy to follow and pick up on. This magazine is relatable to nonprofit members of a board, any staff, and executives, as well as volunteers.

With the help of the Nonprofit World Magazine, you can learn the ins and outs of running a successful nonprofit organization. Content that is found in the magazine comes from leader’s in the nonprofit world, such as Hopkins, Weisman, Martinelli, and many others.

With a subscription to Nonprofit World Magazine you can stay up to date and not miss a single discussion of what the professionals in the business are saying.

Top Contributors 

Peter C. Brinckerhoff:

is a contributing writer for the magazine. He is an award-winning author and an expert on managing nonprofit organizations. He is 63 years old with an education from University of Penn, and Tulane University. 

Ellis Carter:

is a lawyer for nonprofit organizations. She writes articles for Nonprofit World Magazine giving a business and law based outlook on the programs. She has achieved many awards amongst her work, including Nonprofit Advocate of the Year as well as Top Lawyer for Nonprofit-Charities Law.

Frank Martinelli:

is a nonprofit strategic planning consultant. He has over 35 years experience in consulting and managing. He contributes his years of intelligence to the magazine and encourages the businesses to keep rising. His top skills include Nonprofit organizing, and leadership development.

Ben Tesdahl’s:

specialty is in the field on tax-exempt businesses and organizations. As a representative of nonprofit organizations, health care, and more, he has published many articles regarding taxes in this industry. He explains any new requirements and lays out guidelines for the organizations. The authors of Nonprofit World Magazine are not paid authors. They gain insight and much more knowledge than they started with by reading the articles of all the professionals readily available in one book.

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