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Professional Artist Magazine is written for the artists in the world trying to make a living from their amazing work. Each issue demonstrates new and effective ways to get your work on the market and open to the public. Professional business leaders give the best strategies and methods to the madness of the art world.

Self-promotion strategies are featured alongside of self motivation encouragement. Ideas, colors, and styles can be taken from the magazine and incorporate into your own work due to the many articles and reports on vast colors and new trends.

Professional Artist Magazine inspires you to be dedicated to the work that is very hard to come by in the industry. Working as a freelance artist can be difficult, and Professional Artist Magazine can help provide a plan for you to manage the work, business, and contracts you might be offered.

The magazine offers tutorials and instructions to many pieces of art styles and gives vivid descriptions of step to step work.  For those of you who want to better yourself as an artist and a moneymaker, this magazine is a perfect guide.

Each issue of the helpful magazine helps in the areas of expertise ranging from laws within the art market, presentation advise, art development help, knacks and skills, and information about sales. Constant encouragement is offered, because the world needs more willing and powerful individuals.

There are 6 insightful magazines issued every year. A breakdown of how that may look includes features from every aspect of the art industry. One issue will focus on finance, followed by marketing, inspiration and encouragement, art education, new ideas, and strategy. It is in your benefit to buy the whole subscription because the amount of knowledge in each issue builds upon the knowledge of the others. Get to know as much as you can with a full subscription to the publication.

Professional Artists subscribe to this magazine and it is one of the leading brands for artists everywhere. Don’t wait, get the deal now and better yourself as a fine artist.

Top Contributors

Jannett Roberts:

Jannett Roberts is the publisher of Professional Artist Magazine. She has had over 15 years of professional experience with her B.A. in Arts. She graduated from Stetson University and has previously worked at Winter Park Magazine as a publisher.

Gigi Rosenberg:

Gigi Rosenberg is the editor of Professional Artist Magazine. She was born in New York City, and resides in Oregon now. She is a writer, a coach of arts, and Author of her her book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing.

Jenny Andreasson:

Jenny Andreasson is the assistant editor for Professional Artists Magazine, where she oversees the content and publishes the artwork. She has a masters degree in business and a bachelor’s degree in journalism deriving from an education in Florida.  

Kristen Schaeffer-Santoni:

Kristen Schaeffer-Santoni is the art director for the magazine. She has much experience with judging design and art competitions. She has been awarded many times for her artwork and her knowledge. Before working at Professional Artist Magazine, she was employed at Create Magazine and Winter Park Magazine.

Eric Maisel:

Eric Maisel is the author of over 25 books and is an author for Professional Artist Magazine. He is the author of the famous art book named The Van Gogh Blues. He is known in America as a great creative coach and widely respected.

Jack White:

Jack White is an artist and writer for the magazine, and brings his ideas to the magazine for amazing reviews. He wrote the book The Magic of Selling Art. Along with working at Professional Artist Magazine, he works with art in his home with his wife who is also a great artist.

Steve Melter:

Steve Melter is a top contributor, author, and photographer for the magazine. He is the author of a variety of different art and photography books,  including Photography Arts.   

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