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The Professional Woman’s magazine focuses on empowering women’s rights and making them feel confident and able to do whatever the world throws at them. It is the business, culture, diversity, and encouragement magazine.

It is determined to focus on the multi cultural aspects of the business world and equal employment. A large portion of the issues focus on the opportunities that women have and the empowerment they can give the people around them with their actions. It also deals with professional situations concerning the law in careers and business affairs.

On a more creative standpoint, life-style topics are included for entertainment purposes. Arts and amazing photography are in every issue to draw attention to important topics and relevant life advise.

Every aspect of life which impacts every professional and successful woman is broken down and explained in easy to read ways. Women who fight for their opportunities and their power everyday are interviewed and featured. These women include Ellen DeGenres, Michelle Obama, and many more.

As a woman in the workplace, there are many things that need to be learned and sought after in order to be the role model that every good woman should be. The magazine offers powerful guidelines and tips to help women be a good leader while at work.

Travel, family, education, and many more subjects that are involved in becoming a business woman are issued in the semi-annual magazine.

Women’s real life experiences and accomplishments are celebrated and praised within the opportunities they have withheld. You never know how much impact just one article can do, let alone a whole series of magazines.

You can better your life in all the areas of expertise included in Professional Woman’s Magazine. The magazine has had 17 years of successful diversity encouragement and is one of the fastest growing magazines. Many more people each year are reached than the year before. DiversityComm has been winning awards annually for its efforts and achievements in publishing.

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Mona Lisa Faris:

Mona Lisa Faris is not only the president and founder of the Professional Woman’s Magazine but also the Hispanic Network Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, and the Black EOE Journal. She has won a number of awards and honors for her work in the field. She attended California State University-Fullerton to earn a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Speech and Intracultural Communications.

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