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The Progressive Farmer Magazine has been published since 1886 and has provided farm families with exceptional content and information since then. The editorial team has won numerous awards and never falls short on producing quality content that every farmer wants to be informed of.

A country life oriented magazine, The Progressive Farmer is published twelve times a year.  This publication is based in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Progressive Farmer has continued to be committed to the agriculture industry, with a dedication to growing digital information services to meet the changing needs of today’s agricultural producers.

This publication takes on a new and positive stance on today’s agricultural standards.  The Progressive Farmer features articles that scream innovation and provide necessary information to those in the farming industry.

This publication strives to improve the lives of its readers financially, offering articles on land prices, land use, conservation and legal issues related to ownership.  The Progressive Farmer focuses on details that will enable readers to run a successful farm.

Top Contributors

Gregg Hillyer:

Hillyer is the Editor-in-Chief at The Progressive Farmer.  He graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agriculture Journalism. Gregg Hillyer has won numerous awards for his writing and photography.

Jack Odle:

Jack Odle is the Publisher for The Progressive Farmer . Odle graduated from Kansas State University in 1974 with a B.S. in journalism with minors in Animal Science and Agricultural Economics.

Dan Miller:

Dan Miller currently works as a senior editor for The Progressive Farmer Magazine. After spending 15 years as the Progressive Farmer‘s editor in the midwest he moved to the South to work as the Farmstead editor. He is in charge of organizing the editorials for three different programs. In addition to that, he runs the planning editorial team. He has received two awards from the American Agricultural Editor’s Association. Miller obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University. Prior to working in the editing industry he has worked as a policeman, fireman and a government writer.

Vicki Myers:

Vicki Myers serves as a senior editor for the Progressive Farmer Magazine. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Memphis. She worked as a freelance writer and has written for The Memphis Business Journal, the National Journalism Center in DC and the Readers Digest’s Washington Bureau. She now works out of Memphis and now focuses on writing about cotton.

Jim Patrico:

Jim Patrico works as a senior editor for the Progressive Farmer. He covers everything from equipment to farming issues. Patrico has won numerous awards such as the American Agricultural Editors’ Association Photographer of the Year award, Oscar in Agricultural Writing award and a Henry R. Luce Award.

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