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PRWeek is a publication centered around marketing and media for PR professionals in the US. Since 1998, PR Week Magazine has been the

The magazine reflects how the industry plays a vital role in the marketing strategies of companies, brands, and organizations alike.

PRWeek gives executives crucial information in a timely manner. This publication is authoritative and full of insightful content, whether you are reading the print form or navigating the online version.

Modern business is more than just events and social media. This is where PRWeek comes in to help. Professionals in the industry say that it is absolutely necessary that public relations experts read the PR Week publication.

In addition to receiving the printed publication, as a subscriber you have access to all of the printed features and content on the website.

Top Contributors

Danny Rogers:

Danny Rogers is currently the editor in chief of the PRWeek publication. He is responsible for the content strategy, monetizing content, building teams, etc.  He has also worked in editor positions for companies such as the Financial Times and the Guardian Group. He attended the University of Leicester to study politics, philosophy and economics.

Steve Barrett:

Steve Barrett works as the editorial director for PRWeek Global and the editor in chief for PRWeek. He is in charge of developing PRWeek and helping it to expand to new areas around the world. Before working with the PRWeek publication, he also worked with other Haymarket publications, YoungMinds and Brand New Media. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Policy and Administration from the University of Bradford and later attended the University of Sheffield and graduated with a Master’s in Journalism.

Diana Bradley:

Diana Bradley is a senior reporter for PRWeek and has previously worked as a corporate reporter for the publication. Before working with PRWeek, she worked as a reporter for and wrote a weekly column for the Lancashire Evening Post. She also held a position in the past as an editorial assistant for Muso Magazine. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University.

Bernadette Casey:

Bernadette Casey is an executive editor for PRWeek and has been working with the company for over 5 years.

Gideon Fideleid:

Gideon Fidelzeid is a managing Editor for the PRWeek Magazine. He has been a member of the team at PRWeek Magazine for over 10 years serving as both senior editor and now managing editor.

Laura Nichols:

Laura Nichols is one of the reporters for PRWeek and has been there for 2 years. Prior to working with PRWeek, she was a writer and editor for the Lazerpro Digital Media Group and the Daily Collegian and an intern at Comtex News Network, The National Review and The China Daily Beijing. She went to Penn State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Print Journalism.

Frank Washkuch:

Frank Washkuch is a news editor for PRWeek. He is also a professor at the City College of New York. Before holding his current position as news editor for PRWeek, he has worked as a news editor for Direct Marketing News, an online editor for SC Magazine, and a reporter and editorial writer for the Connecticut Post. He attended Fairfield University.


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