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Publishers Weekly Magazine is a weekly trade news magazine targeted at publishers, librarians, booksellers, literary agents and professionals in the book industry.

The magazine has been in publication since 1872 and is known as “the bible” in the world of books. The magazine covers everything related to the worldwide book publishing field.

Today, aside from news reports, the magazine’s emphasis is on reviewing books before they are published and available to consumers. Each year around 8 thousand book reviews are issued to readers around the globe.

When the publication was first created, groups of publishers worked collectively to make an up to date list of new books published every week.

This compilation of information about these newly published books, was important to different booksellers and librarians to help keep them educated on all of the books and publications that would soon become available. In 1912, Publishers Weekly Magazine started to touch on publishing bestseller lists.

Today, the magazine has expanded to include a variety of features and articles beyond the original list of books and reviews.

The magazine covers subject areas such as publishing, bookselling, marketing, merchandising and trade news, along with interviews and regular columns.

Top Contributors

Jim Milliot:

Jim Milliot is the editorial director for Publishers Weekly. Jim Milliot has been with the publication for 23 years, where he is in charge of editing news on mergers, acquisitions, and financial performance for the print and online magazine.

Jonathan Segura:

Jonathan Segura is now the executive editor for Publishers Weekly. Jonathan Segura joined the team in 2005. He manages Publishers Weekly’s digital editorial program, including the social media, e-newsletters, and original e-books.

Diane Roback:

Diane Roback is the children’s book editor for Publishers Weekly. Diane Roback started and still maintains the nation’s first children’s bestsellers list. She oversees children’s news and review coverage and edits the popular Children’s Bookshelf eNewsletter.

Louisa Ermelino:

Louisa Ermelino currently serves as the reviews director for Publishers Weekly and has held this position since 2005. Louisa Ermelino manages the Reviews staff and edits the review section for the magazine and website. She is also the author of three different novels.

Calvin Reid:

Calvin Reid is Publishers Weekly news editor and head of the comics department. Calvin Reid also oversees the annual African American issue. Reid has edited the graphic novels Comanche Moon and David Chelsea in Love.

Craig Morgan Teicher:

Craig Morgan Teicher is the director of digital operations, meaning he manages the content on He also writes for both the print and online publication. Craig Teicher is also an award winning poet.

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