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The Resource World magazine consists of many reports on the mining, oil, and energy businesses. Events that have occurred and have an affect within these industries are analyzed and reported on as well.

The content found in this publication is directed for all types of investors who are looking for information on resource companies. The plan of the magazine is to profile companies to inform big investors of the investment principles and to help them learn about various aspects of the industry.

New opportunities emerge through the reviews and the content found within the pages of the magazine.  The team of writers are trained professionals and top notch journalists who create relevant and valuable articles that readers want to see.

To get an idea about the magazine and their values, you should know that the publication consists of editorials and articles that are not paid. That aspect of Resource World is very important to the integrity of the company. To further explain this in easier words, when a company buys space for an add or advertising space, the magazine does not have to write a story about them. When there is a story with the ad, it is because the values match and the editors find it necessary to write a review for their resource management. When the authors write reviews about companies, they do not find it needed to advertise for them too. That is how the magazine works, to ensure only the best information.

The magazine has been discovered by people in 47 different countries around the world. The diverse amount of people buying the magazine gives it life and allows the companies within it to flourish under this aspect of their work.

Subscribers are enjoying the information and learning a lot from the content included. Full reports on activities within the resource community

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Ellsworth Dickson:

Ellsworth Dickson is the editor-in-chief for Resource World Magazine. He is also the co-founder of the magazine itself. He graduated from Haileybury School of Mines and has been experienced in the industry as a professional as well as a student in training. He has worked at silver and copper mines, and knows a vast amount of insight about the business. Using his gifts to the best of Mr. Ellsworth Dickson’s abilities, he mixed his gift in writing and publishing with his intelligence in the mining business and created a masterpiece. For over 25 years, he has been writing publications in the mining industry. .

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