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SERVO Magazine is a monthly publication about robotics that targets the upcoming age group of individuals who are avid in experimenting and exploring the robotics field. The first issue of the magazine was published in November 2003 by T & L Publications.

This publication is great for those who have an interest in building, playing and expanding their knowledge about robotic technology.

For all experience levels, this publication is awesome in not leaving anyone out. There’s something for everyone; the novice, expert or someone in between.

SERVO Magazine was a primary sponsor behind the Tetsujin competitions, a contest where teams would work towards designing robot exoskeletons capable of lifting weights.

SERVO Magazine has been an active component of the robotics community for years now, sponsoring events such as the FIRST Robotics Competition, the Robonexus robotics conventions and the Tetsujin robotics competition.

SERVO Magazine has various recurring columns that deal with a myriad of areas involving robotics. Some of the recurring columns include:

  • Mind/Iron: an editorial column with new authors writing every month
  • Twin Tweaks: a column about “hacking” robotics kits and giving them new abilities
  • Combat Zone: A column dealing with combat robotics and competitions
  • Brain Matrix: information surrounding a variety if subjects, ranging from servo motors to batteries
  • Ask Mr. Roboto: an advice column where readers ask questions about robotics projects
  • Robytes: short column showcasing interesting tidbits from the robotics world
  • Menagerie: a column where readers send in descriptions and pictures of their personal projects
  • Then and Now: a column recalling robots from the past
  • Appetizer: topics ranging from serious to frivolous in a column written by new authors every month

This publication is dedicated to the “Next Generation of Robotic Experimenters”. ┬áSERVO Magazine is devoted 100% to robots and everything to do with robotics.

The magazine focuses each monthly issue on inspiring, educating and entertaining topics that readers crave. They feature articles, interviews, tutorials, DIY projects, hacks and much more.

Top Contributors

Dave Prochnow:

Prochnow is the Editor for SERVO Magazine. His latest articles include “The Power to Move” and “REVIEW: Made on Imagination, Built on Dremel.”

Evan Ackerman:

Ackerman is a contributing editor for SERVO Magazine, writing about robotics and emerging technology.

Wendi Dreesen:

Dreesen works for SERVO Magazine, writing articles about various robotic systems.

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