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The Licensing Book is the most popular magazine that covers branding and product licensing. You can look for advice as far as legal issues, opinionated articles, and information and tips directly from retailers, themselves.

In the issues, you can find a wide variety of articles and components to help you and your retail business succeed. As far as articles, you might find some based off of the latest company or product partnerships and newly released product lines. Advice from experienced licensors can help you learn how and when to develop your brand as a company. Different issues of the magazine contain insightful branding and licensing suggestions that can eventually bring your company more income, and spread the word about your business.

For 30 years, The Licensing Book has been presenting extremely useful information to their readers and many retail businesses. Over 16,000 retailers benefit from The Licensing Book each month.

As well as receiving the hard copy of the magazine in the mail, you can access their latest issues on their website for free. Along with a magazine subscription, you can obtain even more information by subscribing to their online newsletter to receive updates on new posts added to their website.

Top Contributors

Laurie Schacht:

Laurie Schacht is the current president and CTO at Adventure Publishing which includes The Toy Book and The Licensing Book magazines. She has been there for nearly 15 years. She also serves as the co-publisher of The Toy Insider and the founder and CEO of Blogger Bash.

Jackie Breyer:

Jackie Breyer is currently co-publisher and editor in chief of the Licensing Book magazine. Alongside being a part of the Licensing Book, she is also the editorial director at Adventure Publishing, editor in chief of The Toy Book, The Toy Insider, and The Toy Report. She attended Hofstra University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in English: Publishing Studies.

Marissa DiBartolo:

Marrissa Dibartolo is the senior editor of The Licensing Book and The Toy Book. She is in charge of producing feature articles for the printed publication, editing content, and creating the page setups for all of the magazines. Previously she worked as the editor in chief for The Wagnerian. She went to Wagner College to earn a Bachelor’s degree in english.

Ali Mierzejewski:

Ali Mierzejewski is now working at Adventure Publishing Group as a senior editor. Contributing to both The Licensing Book and The Toy Book for almost 2 years, among the many jobs she is responsible for are he writes articles for both magazines, designs article layouts and much more! She attended Syracuse University to earn a Bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism.

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