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The Toy Book is one of the most unique leading trade magazine in the business of toys and strictly toys. Written for toy store owners, business consultants, KIDS, and parents of those needy kids, every new and fun toy coming out is included in the magazine.

The magazine is mainly for toy retailers, and those needing help within the market place. For anyone involved in the toy industry, these issues are essential. The new format keeps readers attention and has brought a wider view of marketers to the company. The toy magazine shows all the hot and popular toys along with the advise on how to mass produce and sell it. Information about key business leaders in the industry’s contact information is issued within the editors picks. This is a must read for anyone to whom it concerns.

Top Contributors 

Laurie Schacht:

is the president of Adventure Publishing Group. She is the co publisher for Toy Insider as well as a Toy Insider mom. She contributes commentaries and very useful content for the Toy Book Publication. She has brought some of the best toys into the company to flourish. She knows everything there is to know about toys and the toy industry itself. Featured on live television broadcast, videos, magazines, and the web, she is highly respected in the nature of toys and assures Adventure Publishing Group the best and only the best brands.

Jonathan Samet:

Jonathan Samet is currently working as the group publisher for The Toy Book and co-publisher for The Toy Insider. He is pronounced as a veteran in the toy industry and is an expert. His experience in the company has gained him the respect and honor that he has today.

Jackie Breyer:

Jackie Breyer is the editorial director for The Toy Book. She also edits and publishes content for The Licensing Book, and The Toy Insider. She writes endless articles and publishings on new and inspiring toys. Her work is honest and entertaining to read.

Bill Reece:

Bill Reece currently is the production manager at The Toy Book, and Adventure Publishing Group.

Christine Duhaime:

Christine Duhaime is the associate editor for Adventure Publishing Group. Her articles and publications are fun and creative for whichever magazine she is writing for. Her expertise shows through her skilled work at the company.

Deanna Atkins:

Deanna Atkins works as the editorial assistant for the magazine, and she helps lead the top trading magazines. She spends her time writing for the company and reviewing toys and kids CD’s.

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