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Tourist Attractions and Parks (TAPMAG) is the largest amusement industry magazine that covers the many different tourist attractions and park topics of today. Each one of these magazines include various topics ranging from haunted house associations to business strategies!

Customers on Amazon have given this magazine five stars and rave about their quality features and cutting edge analysis. TAPMAG takes care of breaking down the most popular rides, newest parks, and latest foods and beverages that are available in varying locations.

Tourist Attractions and Parks offer awards for their top amusement park and rides choices, also rating them on their quality and service. If you are searching for a magazine with high quality entertainment content, Tourist Attractions and Parks is an excellent option. 

Top Contributors:

Scott C. Borowsky:

President and Executive Editor While not only being the editor and the president of TAPMAG, Borowsky also keeps up by writing guest articles in varying issues of the magazine.

Allen F. Weitzel:

Allen F. Weitzel is the main writer for the Management blog on the Tourist Attractions and Parks website. Weitzel was an account manager for the Western-South Company from 1985-1987 and is the current president of WIT Enterprises.

Jen Heller Meservey:

Jen Meservey is a professional copywriter and has written several articles for TAPMAG, approximating about two or three articles per year in the magazine issues. She has also written for other magazines, including Souvenirs, Gifts and Novelties and Nvate. She has also published web content for Canary and

Randy White:

Randy White wrote an article for TAPMAG entitled “The Challenges of Developing Entertainment Projects in Africa” in the February/March issue of 2012, but has written other articles for them over the years for several issues. He has also written many featured articles for Replay Magazine, Bowler’s Journal, RIM Magazine and has written numerous writings for web content.

Karen Appold:

Not only has Karen written articles for TAPMAG magazine, but she runs and owns her own editing business as well. She specializes in writing about topics in the medical field, interior design, and educational tools. She has served as a freelance writer in the past, along with being the managing editor for House and Home Magazine, staff editor, and an editorial consultant for over three different companies. 

Natalie Hope McDonald:

Natalie McDonald is a fine artist and an editor, and wrote an article for TAPMAG entitled “The Art of Cooking: Best- Selling Menu Items at Museum Restaurants and Cafes”. McDonald helped kick off a magazine in Philadelphia called G Philly and has worked as a freelance writer and editor in the past and the present. She was awarded the Creative Achievement Award from Lebanon Valley College and was named under “100 Women We Love” in GO Magazine. 

June Allan Corrigan:

June Corrigan is a self employed freelance writer who wrote an article for TAPMAG concerning amusement park food. In the past, she has had the privilege of being a producer and a production director, and has written blog content and several radio ads for past companies.

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