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Vertical 911 Magazine is a publication that includes documentaries and real life stories about rescue missions. The first responders to a major catastrophe have the world of responsibility to carry on their shoulders. Their personal experience stories explain the pressure, the actions, and the feelings while on the scene. Crazy miracles can happen from just a brave rescuer and a helicopter. The issues of this magazine also focus on reducing the helicopter accident rate by as much as possible. Accounts from medical care in a flying helicopter and dangling from a single rope during a storm are some topics of articles published in the magazine. This magazine is an on the edge read that will have you dying to flip the page. All kinds of helicopter models are featured within the pages of the issues. Vertical 911 is one of the world’s largest helicopter magazines and is accepted globally. The understanding of catching a criminal is also included with a sound covering of the responders actions. Step by step, the featured rescuers talk about life from inside the helicopter. New helicopter news comes with each article and not only the physical makeup of the machinery but the pilots understanding of the risks. Vertical 911 Magazine is a sub-magazine that is under Vertical Magazine. The Vertical 911 magazines are specially featured and can be ordered accordingly with the regular helicopter subscription. Take a look at the spectacular images of the machinery in action, with a subscription. Learn the need to know facts about every type of helicopter on the market. This magazine is a great source for plane lovers, law enforcement, and collectors. Psychologists can analyze the real life accounts and learn new ways to approach a criminal, person in shock, or anyone who needs to be saved. With astounding images, the magazine is hard to put down, and the subscription is completely worth it.

Top Contributors

Elan Head:

Elan Head is currently working as a contributing writer for the Vertical 911 Magazine. She is an amazing gold seal helicopter flight instructor. She has licenses for flying these helicopters and in her writing and she speaks from her own personal experience. Her journalism skills are top of the line and she has written a number of articles and books relating to helicopters and flying.

Dan Megna:

Dan Megna was formally a police officer in California. He is now, not only one of the contributing writers for Vertical 911 Magazine, but contributes to many other publishing companies and websites. He has experienced over 9,000 hours of time spent in a helicopter as a flight teacher and a pilot. His intelligence in the industry is at a professional level.

Guy Maher:

Guy Maher is a pilot for an EMS helicopter and he contributes greatly to the Vertical 911 magazine’s real life stories. He is a consultant for commercial aircrafts and helicopters, and has spent much of his life in the industry, flying and teaching.

Brent Burgan:

Brent Burgan is a contributing author to the Vertical 911 Magazine. He is an instructor pilot in Northern California and he flies a HH-65 Dolphin. He has an impressive education from Navy Flight School. He has contributed advice for helicopter safety and insightful articles to the magazine about the industry.

Skip Robinson:

Skip Robinson has faithfully written for both the Vertical 911 Magazine and the Vertical Magazine. He has been interested in planes since he could walk, and now he is an expert in his field. He works with many helicopter organizations and writes for numerous different publications in the industry.

Geoff Goodyear:

Geoff Goodyear has been flying helicopters since 1978. He is the President of Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited. His flight experience is featured in his writing for Vertical. 

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