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This magazine is for Interior designers, window designers, and anyone who wants to decorate a house or a building. Professionals go to this magazine with great visuals and insight for ideas and inspiration. It is the leading window fashion magazine in the business, selling to many people with satisfaction.  Each issue is about 80 pages long with endless pictures and information about interior design and window fashions of all kinds. In each issue you can find 5 different components of the magazine. One of them being the viewpoints and opinions of the contributors on the Facebook page. Real everyday people respond to the designs posted on the magazines Facebook page and are included in the issues for the subscribers to see. Another thing you can find in every issue, is the viewpoint of the president, giving professional opinions of the designs. The third viewpoint given is “InfoBar”, and the fourth is Renee Rucci’s viewpoint from OfficiallyObsessed. A preview and syllabus of whats next is always offered so you know what is coming and what to look for. An article and special in one of the issues is titled “Vision, Values, and Goals”, talking about the success at Lafayette Interior Fashions. The three important factors of success are shown and explained by the professionals. One of their main key factors is seeing that their business is always improving and is always a part of something bigger. There will always be more to offer and they believe that the large goals are something they take part in to higher the standards of the company. The experts in the field explain the predictions and the future previews to the best of their ability, so that their public subscribers will understand. Look ahead into the industry to predict changes in style or finances. This magazine opens you up to many opportunities that you won’t want to miss. Learn how to…

  • Build successful buying plans for customers
  • Work with sale strategies
  • Use alternative products but still make profit
  • Heighten the look of the bottom layer of the room with curtains
  • Create a discount sale to bring customers in
  • Learn the importance of sale events

Give power and meaning to your windows and your customers windows with these professional tips. The 6+ issues you will receive, will be some of the best resources you might ever come across when it comes to the window fashion and interior design industry.

Top Contributors

Susan Schultz:

Susan Schultz currently works as the editor of the Window Fashion Vision Magazine. She is an experienced reporter when it comes to window fashion and design. She has over 25 years under her belt when it comes to working with window fashion. She does a lot of international travel to different home furnishing conferences and events where she finds new fads, designs, and products.

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