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For 23 years, Wired Magazine has been providing readers with monthly publications that cover all of the latest and greatest fads in the technology industry. Wired Magazine is named one of the best magazines out there, that covers the technology field.

Wired Magazine hopes to give their subscribers fresh and unique content that informs readers of how technology is advancing and affecting the world we live in.

With Wired Magazine you can be sure that you are up to date on all of the most recent products that you love! Each issue provides details and advice about which new gadget should become a part of your collection. Within Wired, you can find reviews on all of the latest tools and devices that are popular, to help you determine if it is worth your money or not.

Wired Magazine is unique in that it doesn’t just give information about the latest technology, but it also touches on the entertainment and business world and technology.

Wired Magazine is also available in website form so you can keep updated on all of the newest ideas and innovations that Wired Magazine reports on.

Top Contributors

Scott Dadich:

Scott Dadich works as the editor in chief for Wired Magazine and has been there since 2012. Before becoming the editor in chief, he worked as VP of Editorial Platforms and Design for Condé Nast. Throughout his whole time at Wired Magazine, he has earned 8 National Magazine Awards. Before working for Wired he was the creative director at Texas Monthly, the art director at Texas Tech University and the senior designer for The Price Group. He attended Texas Tech University to obtain his bachelors degree in design communications.

Robert Capps:

Robert Capps currently serves as the head of editorial for Wired Magazine. He is responsible for managing the editorial pieces for the printed publication, events, and Wired.com. With Wired, he also worked as deputy editor, articles editor, director of editorial projects, and products editor. Prior to joining the Wired staff he served as editor in chief of MacAddict. He went to San Francisco State University to earn a bachelors degree in Journalism and later went to Stanford University to obtain a masters in liberal arts.

Davey Alba:

Davey Alba is presently one of Wired Magazine’s staff writers who covers business topics. She has been there for nearly 2 years and before working at Wired, she served as a senior associate editor for Popular Mechanics. She has also held intern and writing positions for IEEE Spectrum, LAPTOP Magazine, Gawker Media, and Gadgets Magazine. She went to De La Salle University to earn a bachelors in arts, media and communication. She later went on to attend Columbia University-Graduate School of Journalism to earn a masters in science journalism.

Joe Brown:

Working as executive editor, Joe Brown is responsible for running Wired.com. Before becoming executive editor, he worked as deputy editor. Prior to any work with Wired, he worked as editor in chief for Gizmodo. He went to Cornell University to earn his bachelors degree in literature.

Michael Calore:

Michael Calore has been working at Wired for close to 10 years as the senior editor. He is in charge of supervising the “Gadget Lab” parts of the printed publication and website. He directs a team of 5 that covers daily news, reviews, and monthly pieces about technology products, gear and equipment. Before working at Wired, he served as editor in chief for Webmonkey, a technical editor for Sony Style,  a graphic designer for Accenture, and a senior editor and writer for Linksys. He went to the University of Vermont to earn a bachelors in English and communications.

Alex Davies:

Currently Alex Davies is working as the associate editor at Wired Magazine. He is in charge of running the transportation part of the publication, named Autopia. Before working for Wired, he worked as a reporter for Business Insider, a writer for Discovery Communications and TreeHugger.com and as an assistant editor for Discovery Communications, LLC. He went to Macalester College to earn his bachelors in Arts, History and French.

Sarah Fallon:

Sarah Fallon is the senior editor for Wired Magazine and has been in that position for 3 years. Before working at Wired, she worked as a managing editor for Edutopia Magazine and Red Herring. She went to Pomona College to earn her bachelors degree in English.

Jon J. Eilenberg:

Jon J. Eilenberg works are the senior editor for the Wired digital publications. He leads the magazine that is available on mobile devices. He has held other positions at Wired including story editor and copy editor. Prior to any work at Wired, he worked as a copy editor and copy chief for the Red Herring Magazine. He went to Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick to obtain a bachelors degree in History.

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