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World Cement Magazine has been around since 1928 and continues to be the thriving magazine concerning the international cement industry. This magazine offers many topics, including new technology, updates on the cement economy, advice from experts in the industry, and the process from quarry to the dispatch. You can receive monthly subscriptions, but when you sign up, you also have access to digital copies in the online archive and also can download their new app. World Cement Magazine has come a long way and continues to be successful with their subscribers.

Top Contributors

Luigi Di Matteo

Luigi Di Matteo is an executive partner for his own business, Di Matteo Group, which works with machinery. Matteo works with popular groups such as Global Cement, World Cement, and International Cement. Some of Matteo’s specialities include process engineering, project engineering, contract management, and production improvement. Luigi Di Matteo co-wrote an article with Dominik Aufderheide, entitled “Classifying Alternative Fuels Handling Systems”.

Terry Pavlopoulos

Terry Pavlopoulos is currently a managing partner for Cement Business Advisory and is also the senior advisor of cement for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He graduated from King’s College London, Imperial College London, and London Business School. Pavlopoulos specializes in merging, investment banking, operations management, corporate development, consulting, and corporate financing. In the past, Terry worked as a research assistant, project manager, materials analyst, consultant, and as a construction & building materials manager. Terry Pavlopoulos co-wrote an article for World Cement titled “Sustainability is a Core Component of Business Success”.

John Kline

John Kline is currently the the cement industry advisor at Kline Consulting. He graduated from Lafayette College. Some of Kline’s specialities include manufacturing, process optimization, commissioning, project management, and quality management. In the past, John worked as a chief engineer, vice president of operations, production manager, manager of projects, and as a vice president technical enterprise. John Kline co-wrote an article for World Cement Magazine titled “Beyond Training”.

Arnon Fishman

Arnon Fishman is currently the vice president of Sales and Operations at Flow Industries. Fishman graduated from University of Haifa and Heriot Watt University Edinburgh Business School. He specializes in production management, business development, video production, post production, and marketing. In the past, Arnon has worked as a general manager, logistics manager and consultant, and as an operations manager. Arnon Fishman wrote an article for World Cement Magazine entitled “Solutions to Material Flow Problems”.

Paul Sandberg

Paul Sandberg is currently the vice president at Calmetrix, Inc. He graduated from UC Berkeley and The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Some of his specialities include materials science, chemical engineering, process optimization, product development, and analytical chemistry. In the past, Sandberg has worked as a principal scientist, technical director, and as a vice president of material sciences. Paul Sandberg wrote an article for World Cement titled “Sulfate Analysis”.

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