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Reminisce, North America’s top-selling nostalgia magazine, celebrates our country's good times with fun, engaging stories about what we loved in the past and how it shapes our lives today.

The 20th century witnessed an unprecedented wave of technological, cultural and social change. Many of these shifts occurred at a dizzying pace, which makes if often hard to remember all the cultural touchstones Americans lived through and experienced. It happened too fast, but you can find a lot of these touchstones in Reminisce Magazine.  

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This is a colorful, nostalgic, historically focused publication that highlights pivotal events, memories and traditions from the 1930s through the early 1970s. With readers generating 85% of the content, this magazine takes you into a time capsule of recollections, adventures, trends, and epic events that molded the world. A visual and mental scrapbook, this publication presents real-life stories told through the voices of those who lived through them, peppered with reflections from the past.  

With a recent editorial overhaul and a transition into the world of social media, the magazine can now feature, upload, and share an untold number of vintage photos and member stories.

About Reminisce Magazine

An advertiser-supported publication, this magazine publishes on a bi-monthly basis (6 times per year) and is available on newsstands in Canada. You can also subscribe to Reminisce Extra, also a bi-monthly magazine. With Reminisce Extra, you get a new issue every month, packed full with vintage goodies to read and view.

Reminisce Magazine Logo

Trusted Media Brands, the publisher, is also the publisher of other popular magazines, including Reader's Digest, Taste of Home, and The Family Handyman.

The magazine was first launched in 1991 and aims to celebrate the "good old days" with fun, uplifting and interesting stories about what we loved then and how it shapes our lives now. Whether recalling a first job, first kiss, family issues, epic road trips or favorite movies and ads, It is a must-have for history and culture buffs.

“There is an incredible wave of cultural nostalgia sweeping across the nation that is being embraced by generations of all ages,” says Linda Kast, Editor. “Whether they are streaming classic films or television shows to their mobile devices or taking trips to historic sites and landmarks or listening to satellite radio stations featuring the music of rock bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s, Americans are celebrating the nation’s great cultural history. Reminisce has always embraced that celebration, and we believe it is a perfect time to share it on newsstands with consumers.”


There isn't much this magazine doesn't cover, historically and culturally. Vintage imagery, advertisements, and family photos pay tribute to fashion, automobiles, sports and entertainment, collectibles, and recipes popular during previous generations. Reader-submitted stories share insight into the Great Depression, serving in the military during World War II, old-time radio shows, appreciation for classic cars, true love stories from retired couples and more.

inside the reminisce magazine

The magazine also includes seasonal and timely content, covering holidays, travel, weddings, and historical milestones throughout the year. The magazine features lively, colorful content covering many areas, including:


old issue of reminisce magazine

Rediscover popular television programs and game shows we watched, children's authors we read, and chores we had to finish, before the days of smartphones, laptops and social media.

On the Job

an image of an ice cream

You'll have fun remembering those summer jobs at the ice cream parlor or bagging groceries at Kroger's, when you counted your quarters to add to your allowance. Reader-generated anecdotes, stories, and photographs will transport you to an earlier, simpler time.

motoring memories

old reminisce issue

Remember the classic cars and road trips?  You'll enjoy many personal stories about family adventures and mishaps.


a cartoon from the magazine

Read insightful stories about the old country music shows, Saturday morning cartoons, or the timeless appeal of TV dads.  There are features on historical figures, such as Amelia Earhart and "ladies of the air," and celebrities and stars of the old silver screen with personal recollections and memories from readers.

family adventures

old reminisce magazine issue

Take in the glorious theme parks of yore, picnics, endless fun at the lake house, cottage, and cabin. Re-live holiday celebrations and the family traditions that came with it.



Take a walk back in time and experience all over again the thrill of watching Evel Knievel's stunts, celebrity sensations or your first rock concert. Remember the opening of that first shopping mall, the unveiling of the first personal computer, or the Camaro's 50th Anniversary!



Bowling leagues, Star Wars, flower power, disco, and race cars at the track. It's all here. There is also a page dedicated to the slang of a certain year, tidbits on fashion, toys, films, tv shows, recipes, and more.


an ad promoting an interview with a boxing champ

This section focuses on accounts from people who knew a celebrity before he or she became famous. A recent story was on a father’s relationship with the professional boxer Jack Dempsey.


Contests and sweepstakes are a big part of this publication. Regular readers of the magazine look forward to the "Hattie’s Hatpin hunt." In each issue, the magazine hides a small illustration of a hatpin. Those who find it qualify for a drawing to win a prize.


content of old reminisce issue

The magazine recently went through an editorial overhaul, making it nostalgic and transformative while bridging the past and the present. Liz Vaccariello, current Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer, spearheaded the redesign.

“In the digital age, where every event can be documented and shared in real-time, the ability to create memories has never been more profound, but nostalgia can also feel fleeting, with Tweets and Facebook posts that quickly disappear into a newsfeed,” Vaccariello said. “Reminisce has always been a place for cherished memories to live forever as part of a collectible, coffee-table experience. The joy of sharing special moments is universal and we tell our readers’ fond stories in a familiar, positive and uplifting voice.”  

New editorial highlights include three new sections:

  • Built It Myself - This section celebrates readers’ ingenuity and handiness
  • Parenting Pride - This gives readers a chance to brag about the moments when their kids made them beam
  • The Reminisce Interview - This special section features a unique and special conversation between generations of families

The cover has a new look and expanded content will carry over to Facebook, Pinterest and Google +, and the Reminisce newsletter. The brand’s online and social media platforms will also display more visuals and shareable content, evoking nostalgia and increasing engagement among visitors of all ages and backgrounds.


reader's submission to reminisce

Reader submissions comprise the bulk of the content. Submissions don't have to include photos, but readers appreciate pictures from the past, and vintage advertisements. For a sense of what staff like to publish, visit the magazine’s Facebook page to see black-and-white photos of Depression-era milk trucks, girls at a 1950s summer camp, and decades-old wedding photos. “Readers appreciate anything that takes them back to another place and time,” Kast says, “with a reminder of simpler days and a slower pace.”

Kast prefers first-person stories with an “I remember when” angle. She gravitates toward family anecdotes, seasonal memories, accounts of rare historical items, and memorable people in a writer’s life. She especially enjoys humorous pieces. “We try to keep it fun and positive,” she says. “But occasionally there will be a tear-jerker story; that’s part and parcel of recounting one’s memories.”  

Lots and lots of detail and specificity is important with reader submissions. The more personal and positive, the better. A story in the most current issue of  is all about a silver charm keepsake bracelet given to a daughter by her mother in the 1960s, accompanied by a photo of the bracelet, snapshots of the family, and a descriptive explanation of a few of the charms.

Reach & Audience


Reminisce has about 3.7 millions readers, with a subscriber base of 873,000. This last number will increase since major newsstands now stock the magazine. Roughly 70% of the publication's readers are women, 30% men, and the average age of readership is 62. The magazine is a somewhat interactive experience, since readers can contribute their stores and vintage photos online, through the website:  

The highly engaged audience spends an impressive 3.5 hours with the magazine. There are many lucrative opportunities for advertisers, and all the ad specs and rates are available in the website's "media kit" section.


Reminisce is a must-have magazine for history buffs and cultural enthusiasts. It presents heartfelt memories, inspiring life stories, and family photos in a scrapbook style that's fun and easy to read. A year's subscription makes a memorable and unique birthday or holiday gift.

The cover price is $4.99 per issue in the US, but a yearly subscription is only $10; 2 years only $15.  Digital subscriptions are also available. We think this is an outstanding magazine filled with a unique collection of material, memories and nostalgia. You won't find this treasure trove of personal memories and cultural history in any other magazine.