When it comes to passions, there are few that range as far or bring about as many emotions as the cars. Due to the different kinds of companies, models and price values, cars have always been viewed as a major sign of status amongst society. For those who consider themselves to be car enthusiasts, the name Road and Track will sound incredibly familiar.

Created for those who can not get enough of cars, Road and Track magazine has developed an incredibly strong following and is the ideal publication for up-to-date news about all things automobile. Publishing new articles on their website every single week, Road and Track magazine is both a reminder of the past and gives readers a glimpse into the future of what’s to come in the world of race cars.

Bridging the gap between cars and the lifestyle and culture of the industry, this magazine allows readers to feel a deeper connection to their vehicles. In this article, you will find out information concerning the origins of Road and Track magazine, types of content founded on the website, and the demographics of reader that are most likely to frequent it.

About Road and Track Magazine

Before being able to learn about the types of content available in Road and Track magazine, it first important to learn more about the magazine and how it came about.


Founded by two friends named Wilfred H. Brehaut Fr. and Joseph S. Fennessy, Road and Track magazine began as a small publication in Hempstead, New York. Started in the year 1947, Road and Track (often shortened to R&T), struggled mightily in its first few years. Only published six times between the years of 1947 through 1949, the publication started to gain momentum in the early 1950s.

By 1952, a regular contributor and editor for the magazine named John Bond had moved up the ranks and became the owner. Bond would revamp the direction of the magazine and stayed in the position of owner until Road and Track was sold to CBS Publications in 1972. CBS Publications held ownership of the publication until 1988.

In 1988, another shift occurred as the publication’s ownership was moved to Hachette Filipacchi Media. During the years from 1988 to 2008, Thos L. Bryant was the editor and chief of the publication and was an instrumental figure in its growth and appeal. He was succeeded in 2008 by Matt DeLorenzo but his tenure in that position was short lived as Hearst Magazines purchased the magazine in 2011.  


During the transition of power to Hearst Magazines, Larry Webster became the editor-in-chief. His arrival marked a period of intense criticism toward the magazine. With the hiring of new writers and a new overall direction of the publication, many users began voicing their concerns. With a complete overhaul of the Road and Track’s design, the magazine witnessed a dip in their readership.

After four years as the editor-in-chief, Webster signed from his position and Kim Wolfkill was announced as his replacement. In 2011, Road and Track moved its operations base from Newport Beach, California to Ann Arbor Michigan. For those interested, Road and Track has a sister publication called Car and Driver - which focuses more on standard cars.


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The ultimate destination for users who want to know about race cars, Road and Track has a primary focus on both production and race cars itself. A monthly publication, Road and Track features articles by some of the most influential names in the racing industry.


When a user accesses the Road and Track website, they will have a plethora of options to choose from. On the side left column, users will find categories such as news, videos, new cars, motorsports, car culture, and car shows. Some these tabs are broken down into sections and can be explored with a more specific focus.


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For example, under the new cars tab, there are sections like first drivers, road tests, long-term tests, comparison tests, technology, and future cars and spy shots. For those interested in the feel of cars, the “road tests” section gives readers insight into the newest cars on the market. With in-depth articles written by the seasoned contributors who work for the website, readers can expect to find a great deal of knowledge and historical accuracy in these articles. Throughout that section, readers can find articles about specific cars as well as lists that break down the highest performing cars of the year.


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As a user continues looking through the website, another section which draws a lot of attention is the car shows section. Broken down into sections like the Chicago Auto Show, Detroit Auto Show, Los Angeles Auto Show, New York Auto Show, Frankfurt Auto Show, and the Geneva Auto Show, users get fantastic access to these shows.

For example, for those interested in learning more about the Los Angeles Auto Show, by clicking on the tab, users gain access to an in-depth overview. In this section, viewers will find a combination of articles about cars featured in the Auto Show as well as pieces catered more towards the future of the automobile industry.

Another section worth noting is the one called car culture. For many people, a car is much more than a piece of metal used to get from one point to another. Buying and taking care of one’s car becomes a part of life that gets some people excited. If you consider yourself to be one of those people, the car culture section has an incredible array of information concerning cars, style, travel, and entertainment. 


For those who are visual and like to see cars in motion. Road and Track also has a video section that is incredibly helpful. Once entered, this section is filled with articles that comment on the most trending cars. These articles are filled with videos which provide overviews of a specific cars best features. There are also some other interesting videos which give viewers a first-hand view of what it’s like to drive in a car at top speeds.  

For example, in the gear section, a person can find specific information about their cars. The section is filled with articles pertaining to dash cams, car care products, essential gear from a cross-country trip, and lists detailing the must have emergency items needs in a car.  

Road and Track does a great job of tying in technology with cars by also providing their viewers with a “technology insights” section. This section can be found under the “new cars” section and goes into great depth about the various innovations occurring in the world of cars. The articles vary from topics about new innovations being made by Ford to eliminate new car smells to sidecar motorcycle that has built-in drones.  

Former race car drivers such as Phil Hill have contributed articles discussing their careers and what cars they used during their winning seasons.


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With its far reach, Road and Track has become on the premiere names in automobile publishing. This magazine has made its mission to provide readers with an immersive experience into the mindset and lifestyle of cars. For the readers of this magazine, a car is not just a tool, a car is a catalyst to the kind of life they want to live. When people create vision boards, one of the most common aspects that they include is their dream car.

This magazine caters to people who see cars as a way of life. Throughout the website, Road and Track uses cars to tell a story that encapsulates the tenants of personality, exploration, and location. This magazine brings together the world of cars and storytelling and weaves an incredible narrative that bridges the history of race cars.

With its incredible reach, this magazine has a total audience of over 5 million readers and a total print circulation of almost 600,000. Also having a strong presence on social media, their Facebook page alone has nearly 2 million likes. Boasting a subscription rate of 97%, this magazine not only gains but also knows how to sustain their audience.


Road and Track magazine has become one of the most read and followed car related publications in the United States. Started as a small publication by two friends, it stumbled at the beginning but quickly regained its footing and made a mark in the car industry in the 1980s. Understanding the deeper connection that many people have with their cars, this magazine has made it a safe haven for all car enthusiasts to receive up-to-date news.  

This magazine has a sustained audience of over 5 million readers and only continues to expand its reach. Containing articles that speak about car gear, maintenance, hacks to fix problems with cars, and in-depth features about the newest cars on the market, this magazine has something for all car junkies. Still improving, this magazine has reverted back to its original mission and is only looking to expand.  

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