Shape Magazine was first launched and published in 1981 by Weider Publications. It was founded by Christine MacIntyre, and this magazine quickly rose to become the number-one fitness magazine for women. It still has a women's health and fitness focus today, and the publication was relaunched in May 2019 with a new look and editorial policy.

Shape is currently published ten times a year. It is available in English and a German-language version sold mainly in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. The magazine is available online at, and the new Shape website includes cooking and how-to videos as well as a wealth of popular articles from previous issues.

What Is the Focus of Shape Magazine Today?

Shape Magazine

The newly redesigned magazine was launched by Elizabeth Goodman Atis, the editor-in-chief, and it strives to reflect modern women's challenges in living healthy and holistic lifestyles. The re-conceptualization of Shape Magazine, which began in the Summer of 2017, was developed in association with new creative director Noah Drier and lifestyle editor Brooke Danielson. The new Shape magazine focuses on helping readers take control of their own lives, doing what they know to be healthy and right for them as individuals, rather than blindly adopting new fashionable dieting and fitness trends.

This change in the tone of the magazine is also reflected in the design. Today Shape has a lighter, more portable and modern look utilizing a greater range of colors and sleek typefaces. Issues are packed with informative articles about all areas of health and fitness, including many by medical professionals and experts in modern living topics like fashion, interior design, and relationships.

About Shape Magazine


This magazine has several sections, packed with information, which are designed to give readers all they need in an easily accessible format with color illustrated advertisements and inserts. Originally launched as a health and fitness magazine, it continues to focus primarily on health and well-being but also includes articles on many other topics.

Each issue of this magazine begins with a healthy living section and features a full-length interview with a major celebrity or influencer at the end. You will find up-to-date discussions on lifestyle, innovative home and cooking styles, foods, health and home products, along with news stories about successful female influencers and celebrities.



The Fitness section contains in-depth reviews of new workouts and training options as well as tips on what to wear to your next workout. The latest in innovative technological designs in material manufacture for fitness clothes and footwear are covered alongside innovations in healthy living.



This section includes diet and nutrition tips, with information on new diet plans and recipes for exciting new menus for the whole family. Online at, there are videos that make cooking easy and fun. Newer cooking products such as coconut and hemp oil are reviewed alongside innovative cooking techniques focused on meals that are fast and easy to prepare.

At the time we wrote this review, the latest issue included recipes for to a delicious 2-minute coffee cake that can be made in a coffee mug. We also enjoyed learning facts about the benefits of superfoods and nutritional supplements that can improve your mood and your bodily health. Always conscious of women's time demands and desires, this section reflects successful women's concerns and addresses them in a helpful, easy-to-follow style.



This section offers expert-informed advice on various weight loss and training programs. It includes reviews of the latest mobile fitness applications and fitness success stories. New gadgets such as pedometers and heart monitors, as well as and fashionable training outfits and shoes, are reviewed in most issues.



This section of Shape informs readers of the latest skin care products, makeup techniques, ideas for creating the best beauty routine, and lifestyle hacks. Recent articles have included reviews of dry shampoo, a list of flawless makeup tricks, coverage of new perfumes, and advice on how to stay healthy and sleep well. Healthy getaways are also covered in reviews of vacation destinations great for improving your health and fitness.



This section shows readers how the famous live through exclusive interviews that often reveal supermodel secrets, relationship advice, and updates on movie and music stars. The latest in fashion trends are also covered with gift ideas for all the family. Coverage of the latest film and book releases is designed to feed the mind and enable readers to stay up to date with the latest entertainment industry happenings.

About the Meredith Corporation


Shape Magazine was acquired by the Meredith Corporation in January 2015 and combined with their publication Fitness, a title which was discontinued at that time. The Meredith Corporation has been an active supplier of news and content for over 100 years.  They are active in print, online, video, television and mobile platform, and the Meredith Media group can claim to reach over 75% of American women across all of their platforms.

This publisher's focus is on creating and distributing information about consumer products and lifestyles, especially in the areas of food, parenting, home and health. Other titles associated with Meredith include Better Homes and Gardens and Allrecipes.

Recognizing that women make over 75% of consumer purchasing decisions in the U.S., officers of The Meredith Corporation recently announced their new relationship with the "#See Her" movement. Launched in 2016, the See Her movement strives to accurately represent women and girls in the media.

The Meredith Group, which reaches over 175 million American women, is having its products reviewed for GEM certification, intended to accurately measure reactions to their portrayal of women. Beginning in December 2018, this new initiative, which is also backed by over 75 other key leading corporations across the States, will add credence to the Meredith Groups commitment to accurately representing women in their print and online channels.

Content & Demographics


Current editor-in-chief Elizabeth Goodman Atis led the redesign and oversaw the relaunch of Shape Magazine in May 2018.  She has tailored the content of the magazine to the modern woman who has a busy lifestyle but wishes to enjoy a healthy work-life balance and enjoy life to the fullest. The new-look magazine encourages readers to develop their own individual styles, be curious about food, and look after their minds and bodies. New sections that include articles on healthy, holistic, and environmentally aware living have broadened the readership of this magazine.

Exclusive interviews with women who are in the news, or famous as entertainment or music stars, often highlight these celebrities' diet and fitness regimes. Relationship advice and information on new fashion trends have been supplemented with updated Healthy Eating and Lifestyle sections.  Each issue features real stories of successful women intended to inspire as well as inform the modern woman.

Current readership is at a base rate of 2.5 million. The audience for its print magazine is 14 million and the online website has reached more than 22 million users.

The readers of Shape are primarily women (91%),  aged between 25 and 39 years old, and they are likely to be in employed full time (75% of readers). Approximately 80% of readers are college graduates and 40% are mothers.  Shape magazine readers are slightly more likely to be married (57%) than single.


Readers and advertisers have responded well to the newly redesigned Shape Magazine. Many readers appreciated the new look of the magazine, which is lighter and more vibrant in its use of color and modern typefaces. The change in tone is away from direct instruction to women on how they should change their daily routines and lifestyles, in favor of a much more conversational tone.  Instead of publishing articles on subjects such as "how to get a flatter stomach", for example, you are likely to see articles that seek to engage and inspire readers with nutritional and realistic fitness advice.

Today, this magazine's outlook on fashion has also shifted from lauding top brands without question to a more relaxed, balanced attitude when discussing personalized fashion looks. Many of the articles today take account of the reader's comfort and budget, and many strongly emphasize women's control over their own health and appearances. An increased attention on diets, fitness, and new recipes reflects the magazine's readership's desire to stay healthy with minimal fuss. Most want to accomplish this without compromising their professional goals.

The team that publishes Shape has chosen to focus on successful women in all areas of life rather than almost exclusively on models and actresses. We enjoyed stories on successful business women and influencers emphasizing themes of independence, originality, and success strategies across all aspects of life.

It may be fair to conclude that the new redesign has taken Shape Magazine back to the views of its founder in some respects. There is still a great emphasis on nurturing the whole woman and accurately reflecting women's diversity while providing up-to-date and accurate dietary and fitness advice. Today this long-running magazine encourages women's success in matters of health, family, nutrition, relationships and many other areas of life. We believe it is well worth checking out the latest issue online or picking up a copy.