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Soap Opera Digest is the prime source of information for soap opera fans. This 40-plus-year-old magazine has been providing the dirt on all the soap opera characters and the scoop on the soap opera stars and the fun up-to-date news on all things Soap Opera since 1975. All soap opera fans, young or old, male or female, can learn as much as they want in page after page of gossip, true life stories, inspiring articles and much more.


Soap Opera Digest magazine has been covering all the soap opera realm news for over four decades now. The magazine has changed ownership hands several times over its lifetime starting with founders Jerome and Angela Shapiro, and since 2011, America Media Inc. is the proud parent of Soap Opera Digest. Originally only monthly issues were published, then increasing to tri-weekly outputs in the late seventies, bi-weekly in 1980 and finally weekly issues began production in 1997.


The Soap Opera Digest Magazine Awards were first presented on television by the magazine from 1984 to 2000. This award show replaced the Soapy Awards and recognized excellence in the daytime and prime soap operas. The awards were chosen by fans of the Soap Opera Digest Magazine. In the first year of the show, both award nominees and winners were chosen solely by the magazine fans. This was changed the second year when the magazine editors chose the nominees and the readers voted on who the winners would be. The Soap Opera Digest Awards were no longer aired on network television after 2000, but were voted on by magazine fans with the results published in the periodical until 2005.



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The Soap Opera Digest Magazine's aim is to satisfy the scoop cravings of all the soap's biggest fans. The magazine covers the latest news and updates on the lives of soap stars and news on all the soap operas as a whole. It also covers the fictional steamy dirt from the best soap story lines. In addition, the magazine provides captivating reads in its editorial features covering various topics the readers want to know about.


Soap Opera Digest covers the beat of all daytime soaps and several soapy Primetime melodramas as well. Did you ever get shushed by your grandma, babysitter or stay-at-home mom when you were a kid, telling you to be quiet so she could watch her "Stories"? Nowadays, she can read about anything she may have missed as well as a breakdown and analysis of all the drama in the magazine.


The Soap Opera Digest magazine website offers immediate digital accessibility to all the latest news and backgrounds on your favorite soap opera characters. You can read about where they come from, who they have seen and see, who they love, hate and dangerously despise and who they will die and kill for, or even come back from the dead for, twice! Read about who was possessed by the devil, everyone's long-lost child, almost incestuous relationships and more. You can find back stories for your favorite soap characters and also learn how each of their various connections and relationships with other characters affect the dynamics of each other's story lines.


With all the numerous shows covered both from daytime and Primetime, there are plenty of your favorite television stars to read about in Soap Opera Digest. You can find biographies for all the soap stars and learn about where they come from, what they have done before and even some personal facts about their lives. There are also details about what other projects the actors work on, both from professional shows, as well as other endeavors such as businesses they run and charity events they spearhead.


Catch your soap fix for all your favorite shows by reading everything about them in Soap Opera Digest. Whether your daytime soap preference is The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives or General Hospital, or all of the above, you will find out everything you need to know. Some past daytime shows celebrated by the magazine before they went off the air include Santa Barbara, Another World, General Hospital Night Shift, One Life To Live, Port Charles, All My Children, As the World Turns, Ryans's Hope and Guiding Light.

There are several Primetime shows covered by Soap Opera Digest. Some of the most popular shows include The Vampire Diaries, Ladies of the Lake, Mistresses, Empire, Nashville, The Bay, Pretty Little Liars and Tainted Dreams. Some past Primetime shows written about in the magazine include Dallas, Knots Landing, Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210.


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Soap Opera Digest provides additional entertainment through editorial articles about parenting, health and fitness and fashion and beauty just to name a few. Get the latest tips on Holiday recipes from your favorite stars. Learn about the latest red-carpet trends from the last daytime or Primetime Emmy Awards coverage. Read about new workout trends to shed extra pounds after the holidays. Read about the best way to achieve a dramatic updo just in time for New Year's Eve.


Some weekly features of the Soap Opera Digest are articles interviewing your favorite soap stars. You can learn about what time of fashion your star goes for, what inspires them to keep working on their craft, what their latest travels were and all about their favorite things. Get the scoop on what they do in their personal lives and what their next big projects are. Previous interviews from past years and decades are also featured throughout the year which allows newer fans to catch up on the fascinating past story lines and actors favorites.

Other articles covered in Soap Opera Digest detail the latest breaking news concerning the television industry and habits. You can read about the most up-to-date casting news; where are your past favorite stars going, which new shows will be blessed with their acting chops and more? The Soap Opera Digest website also features occasional podcasts from your favorite actors, writers, producers and directors. Besides the various types of articles and features on the website, you can also click through thrilling photo albums showing snapshots of soap opera events, award shows, charity events, parties, daily life of soap stars and more.


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The day time television demographic in the most general sense is mostly female and heavily concentrated between the age range of 18 and 49. Although the biggest group of viewers are women from the age of 12 and 34, the median age of viewers is 57. The Soap Opera digest magazine has a very similar audience in the same demographic as soap opera fans are the main readers of the magazine. In addition to the day time soap fans, since Soap Opera Digest also includes articles and features about Primetime soapy dramas, the periodical's audience is expanded to those who love the evening and nighttime dramas.

The reach of the printed magazine is over 300,000 in circulation. Soap Opera Digest is printed weekly. You can purchase the magazine in all stores that sell printed issues or order subscriptions to be delivered to your home. Soap Opera Digest also has its own website, where you can read articles, feature stories, interviews and catch up on all the back stories of your favorite day time and Primetime soaps. Since the website was launched, the reach of the magazine is now available to anyone with internet access.


Since 1975, Soap Opera Digest has been providing readers with the instant fix to their needing to know everything. If you missed a day or a week of your favorite soap, you can catch the synopsis and breakdowns in the magazine giant. You can read all about who is still together, who used to be together, which enemies' kids from the eighties are now in love and going to have "Capulet and Montague-esque" babies. All the best story lines can be found wrapped up and explained. You can also read about the personal lives of soap opera stars. You can learn what they do when not filming. Get the latest dish on soap opera gossip, both real and scripted.


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What attracts the biggest audience to day time and Primetime soaps and then to Soap Opera Digest? Perhaps, soap operas provide a great escape from reality. Maybe it is the wonderful drama that is so far-fetched from your real, hectic crazy busy, every day life. Possibly you are someone who loves the rich character and story developments by the soap opera writers teams or maybe you have been watching these shows your entire life and you grew up with many of the characters. The magazine provides a continued release, taking the drama from the screen to the page in a way that helps the readers get the most out of the televised show. 


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