If you, like many others, ever find your eyes locked in a longing gaze directed toward the painted skies of the American West, pick up a copy of Sunset Magazine for sweet relief. Sunset is a lavish variety magazine focused on living well in the West.

Here we will discuss Sunset Magazine, including a brief history, topics you can expect to read about and readership statistics.


About Sunset Magazine

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Sunset Magazine is a culture and lifestyle magazine featuring luxury content that caters to residents of the Western portion of the United States. Sunset curates articles specifically for subscribers living in the following regions:

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Northern California
  • Southern California
  • The Pacific Northwest
  • The Southwest 




Types of Content

Sunset Magazine has content for all lifestyle and culture interests. Featuring unique and stimulating insight into everything that makes the West captivating, content in Sunset comes in the categories of food and wine, home, garden, lifestyle and travel. Specific content types in these categories include:

  • Recipes 
  • Parties and menus
  • Garden to table
  • Wine
  • Home 
  • DIY projects
  • Outdoor living
  • Gardening
  • Green living
  • Weddings
  • Pets 
  • Family
  • Wellness
  • Travel

Food and Wine


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Healthy eating is part and parcel of the Sunset Magazine mission. In the magazine and on their website, they provide thousands of delectable and nutritious recipes. There you will find recipes for every course, season and occasion. Appetizers, entrees, desserts and grill recipes are in abundance.


Sunset knows there is already too much to do when planning a party so they do some of the work for you. The Parties and Menus section is devoted to helping you pull off your party without a hitch. Information in this section includes party planning ideas, table arrangements and recommendations for crowd-thrilling appetizers.

garden to table

Garden to table eating has been around since the beginning of human existence, yet for a time it seemed that meals were forever destined to come in plastic packaging. The Garden To Table section in Sunset educates readers about edible gardening. The featured articles teach how to use homegrown plants for cooking and for visually-enthralling design accents.


Connoisseurs unite. Sunset Magazine presents an entire section on how to select and pair wine. If you ever wonder which wine to serve with the tasty recipe you’ve prepared, this magazine will come to the rescue. Find a wealth of information here on wine pairings, wine hacks, how to stock a bar, wine selecting, accessories and wine storage in the print and digital versions of Sunset.

Home and Garden


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Sunset Magazine is one of the leading authorities in modern home design and decoration. The magazine features sleek and professional design tips and style ideas. The magazine also gives an exclusive peek into their very own Idea Houseslocated in Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley. The Idea House is a design paradise filled with fine furnishings and opulent decor options.


Handmade goods add a dimension of charm and authenticity to every home. Find your next DIY project in Sunset’s digital or printed magazine. Learn how to make a Kokedama, take up screenprinting, paint your room ombré or make your own smudge stick. Boredom is completely out of the question when digging into the DIY project instructions in Sunset.


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One of the biggest and most beautiful perks of living in the West is the weather. Many of the areas in the West enjoy moderate temperatures throughout the year. Outdoor living is a huge pastime for many who live in this region.Whether or not you live in the American West, learn how to love living in your outdoor space. Spending time outdoors has an unparalleled rejuvenation effect. Sunset gives tips on how to make the most of your outdoor living space so you can relax in your own peaceful nature.


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Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, Sunset Magazine has something for you. The magazine has gardening resources for "green thumbs," wherever they are in their gardening game. Form sweet garden greens to flowers and houseplants—all plants and everything green holds a place of prominence in this magazine.


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The westerly regions of the US have a ubiquitous reputation for sustainable practices. Sunset Magazine shares the brightest elements of "living the green dream" on its pages. You can learn how to plant a garden that won't need too much water, achieve greater energy efficiency in your home, learn the tricks of sustainable gardening trade and learn how to preserve oceans, all in one spot.


gifts and shopping

Sunset’s digital source has a gift and shopping section for an incredible selection of contemporary gifts of the design, decor and tech varieties. The selection is thoughtfully-crafted so you can make informed decisions about your purchases before you buy.


If you are looking for proposal ideas, themes, venues or decorating ideas for your wedding, Sunset Magazine has something for you. They offer a compassionate and tasteful selection of articles tailored for every bride and groom-to-be.


Pets are friends, and Sunset devotes a section to making sure your furry friends feel comfortable. Whether "Fluffy" is at home or with you as you travel around the West, Sunset can give pointers to help you connect. There are articles about grooming, pet-friendly towns and hotels and recipes for making the best dog (or perhaps, cat) birthday cake ever.


Sunset Magazine’s Family space is the place for parents. This section offers a variety of tips for family-friendly vacations, child-inspired decorating ideas and recipes that everyone will enjoy.


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Sunset advocates the "health is wealth" motto by bringing a collection of articles that will get you feeling your best. Find information on spas, teas and tonics, healing crystals, oh-so essential sunscreens and other protective products in the Sunset Wellness section.


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Sunset’s travel section is an enthralling trip through America’s left coast. Sunset identifies its favorite destinations with detailed travel information within. Find your next outdoor adventure, camping locale, road-trip itinerary and recommended hotels.


No true travel guide would be complete without a comprehensive guide to the available culinary delights found at selected getaway hotspots along the road. Sunset removes the guesswork when it comes to finding quality eateries while traveling. Check out their Culinary Travel section for more information.

insider's guide to wine country

Before traveling to California’s wine country, make sure to check out the Sunset Magazine Wine Country information guide. There you can find the best wine bars off the beaten track and less common ways to tour the countryside.

natural treasures

The West is home to some of the most majestic national parks in the entire North American continent. Get inspired with pictures, articles and national park information to help plan your vacation. The National Parks page is filled with information to help you navigate the treasures of the West.


Reach & Audience

Sunset Magazine reported a readership of close to 5 million for their print and digital product in 2016. In the same year, the magazine's site had around 1.6 million unique visitors per month.

The printed magazine is most popular among affluent, married, college-educated women around the age of 55. Digital releases of Sunset Magazine has the same demographic although that median age for readership is 43 years old.


Sunset Magazine is available in printed and digital form. Subscriptions for both the print and digital versions of the magazine. 

The digital version of Sunset Magazine is currently only compatible with Apple phones and tablets.


Sunset Magazine has transcended its 19th Century promotional roots to become a prominent lifestyle and culture publication. A myriad of contents found within its print and digital pages emanate the magazine’s commitment to ethical luxury. The blend of splendor and sustainability make Sunset Magazine a true representation of the American West.